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    Diesel ,kerosine and gas price raised-govt is saying lies

    In international market it is said the price is lowered of oil .But the govt is saying always to adjust the loss we are raising the price of petrol ,diesel ,gas . But the analysts are saying it is meant for gain of private companies such as reliance of Ambanis . Actually the govt is importing oil and giving it to the oil refining companies in a lowered subsidised price .What is the necessary to give subsidy to Ambani? Let him import directly from outside ? Moreover he is given in the same price our own oil taken from our oilfields .Thus they get higher income .
    For arguement sake we can accept the reason they are saying -how can continuously the govt bear the loss? Now people are asking how can we accept the continuous price raise as our income is lowered by price rice. The govt should answer.Is it responsible for the ordinary peopleor Ambanis?
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    Hi friend,

    As you have said government have increased the burden of the poor people. Due to this diesel, petrol and gas hike all the commodities price will increase. The price of vegetables, milk, auto fare, bus fare, hotel bills, medicines, and many necessary commodity prices will also increase.

    This is really going to make the people suffer.

    There is a solution for this "let the government increase the price but at the time of announcing the price hike they should also announce that all the private and government sectors should compulsorily increase the salary of the individuals".


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    Then how could agricultural labourers , unorganised sector employees ,
    farmers , small scale industry workers and owners lead a rasonable good life ?

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    Government of India should make every possible steps to bring back all the black money to India. By using the money, the petrol and diesel can be sold on subsidy rate.
    imagination rules the world - Albert Einstein.

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    Be ready for Rs 800 per cylinder of cooking gas.Govt plans so.People were cooking with simple firewood .Govt gave free cylinders and stove and now raising the gas price .What a good merchants they are. But really good government?

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    Today pranab ,finance minister of India has said that diesel and gas prices also should be left to the companies itself .If it is done the prices of all petroleum products will be raised very frequently and they would have chain reactions and all the commodities will have spiral reactions and people would be pushed to suicide,loot,involve in criminal deeds ,seek liquer ,go to all temples and at last to mental hospitals

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