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    How to Deal with High fuel Prices?

    Now a days, hot topic is about fuel price increasing.
    People not aware about fuel price increasing. They are wasting lots of fuel unnecessaryly.
    So, How can we get a remedy for diminishing a fuel usage?
    Give your views.:-):-):.

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    Fuel, Electricity, essential commodities are become dearer for the common man, whereas the rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer. Money alone can make money is the mantra of the decade. If fuel prices are hiked, discuss it with your neighbours, colleagues and friends for a few days. Another issue will crop up for discussion, then, forget about fuel price rise. Discuss about the new topic. We are doing it for quiet some time now. No other go........

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    Hi Mr. Dinesh Kumar,
    Your discussion is really a timely one. I feel very glad to participate in this discussion. The main cause for the increase in fuel price is the demand of Fossil fuels due to the lack of resources to renew them. Once wasted it won't return back, as that of the time. The remedy measure for the controlling of fuel prices is in the hand of Government. They can give the fuel at lower costs but there is a chance of misusing viz., stocking by private firms. The remedies are many in number. For example: The speed limit should be maintained at 45 kms in the road will save many litres of fuel and also saves the life by reducing accidents. Timely inspection for the leakage will also matter a lot in saving the fuel.

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    Hi Mr. Dinesh Kumar,
    This really a hot topic that everyone need to discuss. Fuel price increasing on the other hand due to increasing price of fuel all basic needs like vegetables, food items and fruits. So India need to find its alternate way to fuels. There are many techniques found by scientist to create fuel. India should follow any one of the technique and find the substitute for fuel. Fuel is not renewable resource. What ever the measure taken by the people it all goes vain. We should try to make use of renewable resource that are available. This is the only way to get rid of this increasing fuel price. Solar panels can be used which is eco friendly too. Some of the developed nations like japan and Swiss started this technique for generating electricity. There is lot of improvement in electronics field that can be implemented in petroleum products.

    super scheme

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    Save energy is the only alternatives to overcome from the oil price rise. We can curtail our oil usage to some extent like avoiding unnecessary trips and at the same time we can use buses instead of using two wheelers. We should be very strict in using the vehicles. Similarly, usage of lpg gas can also be minimized by proper handling like using flat bottom vessels instead of curve bottom. Cook all necessary items at one time. Constantly using cooker can be help a lot in saving energy.
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    Walk or make cycling as your habit .Public transport is the genuine way to be followed

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