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    Topic about wearing helmet in tamilnadu.

    Our Tamilmadu government strictly announced, every one bike rider should weare the helmet during ride the bike. But some people do not follow this rules. What is the reason about it?
    Would you give the suggest?
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    Hi dinesh,
    Reasons for not wearing the helmet are:

    1. Carrying helmet at all places is annoying.
    2. Wearing helmet in such a hot climate sweats lot.
    3. We cant see clearly through the helmet.
    4. We cant hear sounds clearly as it covers our ear.

    I feel these are the reason for not wearing helmet.

    Wearing helmet must be made must. Its advantages will be felt only you met accident. During accident helmet plays an major role in saving our lives.


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    Hi friend,
    I am very happy to participate in this Social awareness discussion forum. Thank you Mr.Dinesh kumar for creating this useful topic. I have heard the worries of the people who are wearing helmet always. Some of them are listed by Mr.Venkat kumar.
    Importance of wearing Helmet
    Here including some funny facts heard from bike riders for not wearing helmet additionally.
    1. Wearing helmet will make their head bald soon.
    2. It collapses their Hair style etc.,

    These silly things listed above has a very negligible importance compared to our human life. So, bike riders please wear the hard Hat(Helmet) and save your life from risks. Head is the important part in our body. Granted granted life once and its in your hand to make more time to spend on Earth.

    with regards,

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    All of the above reasons may also become true if someone does not wear helmet and faces an accident in the long run, so its always safe and better to wear a helmet instead of feeling sorry later when the situation cannot be reversed at all. Nowadays it is not enough to be riding safe now its more of driving and being cautious of bad riders as you can't expect everyone to drive like you.

    Wear helmet or be hell met is the thought for the day!


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    This is a good topic for discussion.
    Thanks to the Tamilnadu government for this strict rule.
    As discussed above by our friends though wearing helmet causes some problems it is safe to wear to protect our head in case of accidents.

    Bike riders please do not think helmet wearing as a burden though you drive properly we cannot expect the others to be the same. We do not know or predict about our bad time so it is good that we travel in a safer way if you meet an accident it will affect your loved ones.

    So friends carry your helmet with you and do not think it as a burden the helmet should remember you about your loved ones, i.e., your parents, wife, children, etc. yes you are going to wear the helmet not for the sake of you but for the sake of your loved ones.


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