Topics for June 20 th to June 26th 2011 - New Scheme Update in MOD

Hello members,
Here I'm giving the topics to write in resources in TSR. To win MOD the members must post at-least 2 out of 3 must be on the mentioned topics. Any resource on below mentioned topics will be accepted.

Update 1: Member who writes 6 resources on admissions or results or on education on a particular day can get a bonus of Rs.50. Please note that the member can choose either MOD or Bonus i.e. either he can score 95 points by writing 2 out of 3 resources on below mentioned topics or he can simply write 6 resources on admissions or results or anything on education.

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Topics for June 20 th to June 26th 2011

• Admissions to any college/university 2011
• Any national recruitment details 2011, Chennai/Tamilnadu is most preferred.
• BSNL services 3G prepaid plans post paid plans Broad services in Tamilnadu
• Where and how to get Tamilnadu BSNL fancy numbers
• Tamilnadu BSNL vanity numbers
• HOW TO PAY Tamilnadu BSNL online bills
• BSNL number codes for districts
• BSNL Caller tunes details in Tamilnadu

Any article on BSNL will be considered for MOD


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