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    Mangoes ripened by nature or by carbide stone

    How to identify if a mango is ripened by nature or by carbide stone?
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    Hi friend,
    Your discussion will surely bring the awareness among our members and other people who come across your discussion.After your discussion only I came to know the fact.I don't like mangoes so, no problem for me.But I have to create awareness among others so I browsed seriously through the Internet and found some useful stuff.
    Identification of Artificially ripened Mangoes
    1. The flesh nearer to the seed in artificially ripened mangoes are of unusual taste(i.e.) Sour.While in the naturally ripened mangoes the taste is not differentiable.It will be of uniform taste throughout.

    2. Artificially ripened mangoes have a shiny skin and looks like a polished one while the naturally ripened mangoes will have somewhat wrinkle surface.

    3. Mangoes consumed other than in the month of May can be expected to be an Artificially ripened one.

    Don't eat artificially ripened mangoes because it is very harmful to health.

    with regards,

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    Artificially ripped mango skin is decayed very fast. and the skin changes its original colour.

    It is very harmful, there is a chance for heart problem by eating this mangoes. Stop buying and eating Artificially ripped mangoes. Don't give this to your kids.

    Better buy unripped Mangoes, and leave it for ripping at home naturally or buy directly from the Mango form.


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    Many fruits are ripened artificially. Check for artificially ripened fruits by the condition said by Arul Frances. Also I have heard that some apples are waxed inorder to show them fresh. Waxed apple look shiny and harmfull to health. You can find by scratching with your nail. Beware of fruit adultration. Go to the shop that sells faster. Check out the shop that sells the product faster. Don't buy such fruits which makes damages to our health

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    hi friend,

    in olden days we have everything as natural. but now the situation has changed.

    It will take atleast 2 weeks for a mango to ripe. But to make this process fast, some people are using carbide stones to ripe mangoes fast in 4 days. These type of mangoes are not good for health and may cause some disorders as carbide contains arsenic and phosphorus.

    Now the question is how to find these type of mangoes?
    1. Carbide mangoes will be more shining and softer than normally ripen mangoes.
    2. Carbide mangoes won't have any shrink on the skin.
    3. Carbide mangoes will be sour slightly but normally ripen mangoes will be sweet.

    So please check the mangoes before eating.


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    hi friends, thanks for all of your suggestions.

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