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    What is the one environment friendly thing you have been doing?

    Hi Friends,

    This is a topic to create public awareness about our environment.

    What are the things we can do to save our environment?

    What are the things you are doing in your daily life? or

    What is your role in protecting the environment?

    I have given you some examples of environment-friendly activities. They are as follows:

    1. Using water judiciously
    2. Using non-plastic items
    3. Proper disposal of garbage
    4. Keeping our surroundings clean
    5. Using electricity in a useful way
    6. Growing trees and plants
    7. Educating the children about saving our earth
    8. Nonemission of black smoke from our vehicles

    The list is very big and I want to continue the list by saying how you protect our environment.
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    This is one of the topic which should be discussed at this time. We are in a situation to make a green environment. All the above mentioned things should be done by people. Or at least they can do one or two things in this depending upon their ability.

    One of the foremost thing we should do before all these is, creating awareness about environment and how to protect it. Most of the people are not aware of these facts. So, creating awareness among people about this should be the first job.

    Practice makes perfect..

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    I am doing all you said in some what but doing hundred present is Growing trees and plants. I have planted many trees in my native place Pollachi.


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    hai friends,
    i am glad to answer on this from his begining started to improve his status.his inventions and discoveries made the environment, a worst place for human now he is taking steps for his survival.some steps i can reccomend is
    1.Eradication of plastics
    2.Using eco-friendly fuel
    3.Promation of afforestation
    4.finding biological remedies for all human causes

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    Hi Friends of TSR,
    I feel proud to be a member of Tamil Spider because this only made to have an useful discussion over this useful content. Thank you Mrs. Kavitha Gopal too. My point of fact is to eliminate the wastes and plastic materials in a complete way. This can surely be achieved in the years to come without letting out any particulates of dust after decomposing these plastic wastes. I am sharing here about the techniques and measures to leave our Mother Earth to the youngsters in a safe manner in the years to come.
    •We have already made Earth as a place for dumping of Plastics. Lets encourage people / we itself should try to find techniques to decompose plastics in a safer way.
    •We should check for the Emission of our Vehicles we use and we should use unleaded Fuels
    •We should use the water resource correctly.
    •Since Prevention is better than cure we have to Say no to plastics which are below 40 Microns(because they remain un decomposed for many decades)
    •Another important fact is the controlling of the usage of Air conditioners as this will produce Chloro Fluoro Carbons(CFC's) which will degrade Ozone layer and make harmness to the people of the Earth.
    •Instead of Air conditioners other option like Air Coolers can be used.

    The points given above are something like that of a drops from mighty Ocean. Its nothing in discussing and leaving it in the air, it should /will be followed by the people after reading this surely.

    If the effective steps are not taken this may occur (i.e.) World's dreadful Ending. So take effective measures to make our Mother Earth to live to an infinite period.
    with regards,

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