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    Illiterates in Tamilnadu

    Tamilnadu has developed a lot not only in Science and Technology but also in other fields. Though we have developed a lot we can still see people who are illiterates. Still we can see children working in many places. Some parents think education is not needed and they send their children to work places. This we can see in our day to day life.

    Government should take steps and punish those who employ children in work places. We can see many small girls accompanying their mother in their work place.

    Education is a must and each and everyone should be educated with a basic education. I think we can do what we will be able to do, i.e., we can teach some basic things to our servants may be a milk boy, maid servant, car driver, flower seller, etc.

    Discuss your views about educating people.
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    The main reason why parents send their children to work is the family situation. Some parents in whatever difficulty they may be, they will make their children to learn while most of the parents who are illiterates send their children to earn money in the childhood itself.

    As you said, we can make our servants, housekeepers to learn something. Its a good initiative.

    Practice makes perfect..

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    The rate of Illiterates in Tamilnadu had decreased a lot when compare to past ten years. If you take even in villages, all the boys and girls are having minimum a degree in their hands.

    But still we can see child workers in some of the places like hotels, this situation will be changed very soon. They also know about the importance of education.


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    Only way to overcome is free education. Giving free Television, laptops, grinder makes no sense. If we provide free education the students can buy own Television, laptops and grinder to his family. Education is major thing that should be provided to every one in Tamilnadu. If number of literates increases the development of India can achieved soon. My opinion is education should be made first.
    Teaching to servants can't be done. We keep servants because we cannot do our own work. Milk boy, Maid servant, car driver, flower seller tries to complete his own work. If you can do it is ok.

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    Hi venkada kumar sir,
    You are absolutelly correct, now a days they are concentrating only how to cheat people and get thier votes.If they are providing free education parents do not send thier childrens to work.
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    Now a days our government try to redress this type of children employee. Eventhough this awareness not reach to rural area. In the rural area some people who are all very poor financial background, they ready to send their childrens to job. It'll help them for their finance. Some industrialist are eagerly waiting for those children. Because they'll be easyly got less salary workers. Sometimes our government law forget to criminate that money crocodiles. In this case government'll do more act against children employee.
    The uneducated people only do this type of act to create a child employee situation in India.
    So our government will conduct more education awareness program among those people and try to help to open their eyes.


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