Views about Unification of Anna Universities

Hi friends,
This is the most important topic to be discussed.Our Tamil Nadu has Anna Universities in 4 Districts namely Chennai, Coimbatore, Tirunelveli, Tiruchirappalli.Each of these Universities have some colleges in and around them under its control and all are unique in their syllabus, date of exams,announcements etc., Unification of all these Universities and their colleges under one university (i.e.)Anna University,Chennai is a matter of concern to the students who are studying under other Anna Universities.
Because due to these the syllabus,fees structure and all other things.And also the students doing PG programmes should go for their research to Chennai often.This is a burden for the students.There are some advantages too.But my fact is that Unification is a disadvantage for the students.
I want you to share your opinion about the Unification of Anna Universities is a Advantage or Disadvantage here.