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    How effective is helmet rule in Tamilnadu?

    Hi Friends

    How effective is the relaunch of helmet rule in TN? Is it being follwed throughtout Tamilnadu, since here people are form different parts of Tamilnadu I tought of getting first hand report. I don't see its getting follwed in Chennai properly up to the mark, why is that we are not able to implement the rule in tamilnadu like our neighbour state Karnataka, where people are very keen and abide by the helmet rule!

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    Helmet rule is simple super, but many peoples dont like to use ths helmets because they feel inconvients and not comfort in helmets, So we cannot implement the helmet rule all arround the tamilnadu.

    And also in other states also, they felt somewhat incovinents and not comfort in helmets, so they dont like these type of rule. But if we follow this rule, we can save and protect our self maximum.


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    Hi Kiran,
    I am happy to join you in this nice discussion.HELMET rule is made to protect the people from the danger during accidents.Some good people really understand the cause and are wearing the helmets even to nearby places and while sitting on the motorcycle itself.But some people are debating with us that their head will go bald if I wear this helmet and I am unable to manage the sweat caused due to wearing of the helmet.They are not understanding the real cause.Some are complaining that Government have undertaken the tender of Helmets and to sell this they are announcing it as strict.Whats the thing we can tell them after that.Even the bald head can be implanted with Hair but the damaged head will be useless.So,the people should make their mind set on their own to wear the Hard Hat to protect their Soft flesh and bones.

    with regards,

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    Hi kiran,

    HELMET rule is one of the best ruling. But most of our people are not ready to adopt this rule. But my suggestion is before regulating HELMET, traffic should be regulated. Cities like Delhi, very nice traffic rules are there, speed tracks are available. 20 kms speed, 40 kms speed and 50 and above there are three tracks. People who are riding in 20 kms should ride in 20kms speed track alone. To introduce this traffic regulation, our roads should extended. These type of traffic regulation will reduce accidents almost.

    Regulating HELMET alone will not reduce accidents. HELMET can only protect us while accident. Government should take steps to reduce accident ratio, protecting from accidents and taking treatment and all are personal needs. Roads and buses should be in good condition. Even now, some areas like Madavakkam, Madipakkam roads in chennai are in bad condition. Animals are simply sitting in middle of the road, nobody is worried about that. Government should take actions to maintain roads. Then there are plenty of government city buses without break or having some technical problems. Drivers could not able to control buses.

    Here is another problem, heavy traffic Jam , which leads people to ride their vehicle fast to reach office soon. Heavy traffic jam can easly controlled by us. Main problem is Two wheelers always block free left areas and pedestrian path.

    These are the problems behind accidents. will HELMET reduce accidents??? Think and follow traffic rules first and prevent you from accident. Use HELMET to protect you from accident.

    Vathsala R.

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