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    Baba Ramdev Indefinite fasting -Serious Drama or Comedy?

    Baba Ramdev has declared that he is going in indefinite fast from demanding eradication of black money .It is a welcome demand .But it can be acceded ? Is it a demand to be settled within one day or one week or one month? Black money is produced by industrialists evading taxes ,maintaining false accounts in a planned manner .And the money is planted anywhere in the world without the knowledge of the govt .It is said that the Indian black money is handling a parallel economy .Such a huge money could be brought out through a fast?So the fast cannot reach its declared goal.But Baba is planning to hijack Anna Hazare's fast.To en cash in 2014 election for BJP?All are planning to sideline opposition parties and take advantage of corruptible govt .So they declare sudden struggles and try to focus themselves and come to forefront of Indian politics.But now people are very interestingly awakening.They will judge who is who.We can wait and see what is the result.The govt by sending ministers to talk with Baba they create an image to Baba and they try to use for their purpose .They are also say they afraid of baba and hazare than political parties so that the gain won;t go to political parties and in next election avoiding damage from parties.It is a well planned drama but we don't know is it a serious or comedy?
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    His demands are valid and some good thing happens because of his fast then why do we bother about serious and drama.
    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    What good things happen on his fast? Ministers rush to answer? That is what doubtful .These rockers never move for the struggles of lakhs of people .Bandhs rallys demonstrations ,dharnas,fasts are not new.Now religious gurus come to struggle and response of govt is we have to suspect.Demands never point to industrialists who are corrupt and the base of corruption ,liberalisation policy ,is untouched by these neo heros.Let us wait and see the result

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    Yes, that is no use, we cannot solve this problem shortly, We can solve this problem, when everypersons things that is wrong. So, first, we have to follow the honest, so if everyone go in honest way, the corrption will be less.



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    We should not see the matter reversely .It should come from top.Society is powerful than an individual. If an individual try to be a honest man the society will not allow him.So from powerful govt to start, rules and laws follow ,then individual could easily can be honest .

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    Hi friend,
    Baba Ramdev is really doing some sort to make the people's attraction over him.He should first obey towards the Indian Government norms.But his fasting can make something to happen in the moves of the Government towards the Black Money issue.If that money comes,Indian Government will surely get benefited especially it will actually move the poor to get out of the poverty.
    For this sake I am supporting Baba Ramdev.

    with regards,

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    Baba Ramdev 's struggle would bring nothing .He is fully exposed that he is a doll keyed by the notorious RSS and he himself has 1100 crores and has spent 18 crores to this fast .Now he is preparing for war with govt with arms as he told that he will form a army of 11000 strength.These are not at all reflex a democratic politics .The govt is also not interested to bring back black money .All political parties are not joined in this so the expected result won't come of this fast

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    Baba Ramdev is fully backed by RSS and to some extent BJP. Everyone is trying to emulate Anna Hazare to get name and fame. we should note that the Same Ramdev criticized Anna Hazare when he was in his fast unto death.

    CBI is closing watching the happenings and the day is not too far before they raid Ramdev's Ashram.

    As government is also not interested to solve this corruption issue it will be dragging on for a long time.



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