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    Is TV programs actually going worse?

    Hi Friends,
    I am really feeling very sorry about the television programs at present.Most of the programs really commercial shows and making the audience to have their heart beat increase for a no reason.The game shows are only conducted for name sake and a 1 hour show consists of 28 minutes of advertisement.My wish is to ban those insensible game shows and showing some useful content in that time.They are very worse nowadays.

    What is your argument for it?
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    Hi Arul,

    You have chosen a nice topic which is very much essential to discuss at this time. TV programs are definitely getting worse day by day. Many programs shown in television do not serve any purpose for the viewers.

    It is very common in most of the channels to put advertisements in between the program. This has become more worse now. We can see in our Tamil channels that for a 30minutes serial, they will put advertisements for about 10minutes. Its really unfair to see.

    And finally, I think there should be a censor board for TV serials and programs. I don't know whether it is there or not. If it is not there, it should be created to monitor the serials, programs and other things which are broad casted in Television channels.

    Practice makes perfect..

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    Hi Mr.Syed Rizwan,
    Thank you for approving my argument.Really there should be Censor boards and a particular type of ranking to check whether that channel is for family oriented or for children or for adults.
    And the rating should be periodically revised.
    I forgot to tell something,its about the dummy shows which will have a reward price of some thousands with a very simple question and they will make the callers to wait for few minutes and each minute will be charged with Rs.10/20 or above.And for this program an idiot will call and murmur a wrong answer.It is really annoyable. This should be taken care of.

    with regards,

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    Hai Arul Frances

    I am very happy to take part in this discussion regarding Is TV programs actually going worse? I am not much addicted to Television but I use it for getting relaxation some time of making us to laugh programs, news and sports.
    Not all the programs are going worse, except some, There are some good national and international channels, serving people by giving knowledge based programs.
    Both good and bad come one behind the other, Taking the right thing depends upon the character and knowledge of the person.

    Be Happy!

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    Hi Mr.Balanathan,
    Thank you for sharing your point of view towards this issue.I accept there are channels for showing News(regional & international),Comedy,Sports,Cartoons etc., But note my point,I have made my issue to categorize the Programs shown in channels which are known to be consisting of many programs of different combinations suitable for all people.
    Anyway thank you for taking part in this discussion.

    with regards,

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    It is my pleasure to join with you all in this discussion about TV programs.

    Be Happy!

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    Hi Friends

    No one is insisting you to watch the programs you dont like and always you are the best judge of whatever you do, you can switch to other channels.

    Let me ask you this, why are you here (TSR) when there are so many other sites on films or games or whatever you may not like, its the same way if you have decided to waste time you will, similarly TV channels are like that.

    Why do you see advertisements as a waste of time, I like watching advertisements time to time as I like to observe in how many different way people try to convince us to buy things. Todays advertisements are so creative, just think of some good advertisements and think in reverse how much thinking has gone into making of the same, you will be astronished and its a good exercise to your brain too, again not all advertisements as you may see some bad ones too.


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    yes all TV programs are commercial, they are not reality shows, so all peoples are cheated by them, so we have to think about this, so dont waste your time infront of TV, so try to do some innovative works for instead of watching unwanted entertainment programs in Televisions.


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    Hi Friends,

    I agree with your opinions that TV programs are going commercial. Some channels like Sun Music, Isaiaruvi are very much irritating lots of chatting and advertisements. I don't know whether people are talking with them on phones or it is some form of cheating.

    Some game shows are there in many popular channels the face of a hero and heroine will be merged together and even a child can find out who they are. But those coming online will give wrong answers and this will take more than a hour for identification. This show is just to make our mobile bills to increase.


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