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    Kaiyendi Bhavan or Roadside eateries in Chennai

    One can see lots of roadside food stalls throughout the Chennai city. These shops are always crowded and we can see lots of people eating those foods.
    They do not consider about their health and eat foods which are prepared unhygienically.

    There are several news about the raids which were done in these shops by the government and even the Chennai corporation have tried to remove those street side shops which have created traffic. But in the admidst of all these the shops still prevail.

    The people who are poor eat in these kind of shops because they cannot afford a high cost.

    The government should take necessary steps to eradicate very low quality adulterated roadside eateries in Chennai.
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    There are lots of roadside eateries seen in tamilnadu. They are seen more especially in crowded places like shopping malls, beaches and function grounds. These are not good to be consumed as they are not hygenic. Many people used to suffer from stomach upset after consuming food from the raod side eateries.

    The quality of food is the major question that arises when we seea roadside eatery shop. Though they are useful for poor people to buy food at less amount, still we cannot guarantee for the quality of food served.

    This needs to be addressed by the government and if not addressed these roadside eateries will spread all over Tamilnadu very easily.



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    Hi friend,
    Thank you Mrs.E.Mangala for having a discussion on this issue.Kaiyendhi Bhavans are doing the most delicious foods.They are usually home made and some of the places they are made with utmost care.
    But notable shops are located near unhygienic places,they should be taken into care.The cost is also very reasonable.
    They are mostly seen in large numbers in great cities than the star hotels and restaurants.

    with regards,

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    We cannot blame all the roadside shops food are unhygienic. Some of shops are giving hygienic foods. Who knows what is happening in Start hotel's kitchen? We can't assure all the foods in star hotels are hygienic.
    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    I agree with Suresh kumar. We cannot blame only the road side food shops are unhyginenic and unhealthy, even at some star hotels food preparation also not that much good. Do you think only unhygienic food cause damage to our health??? Falovoured food, Junk foods, Deep fried food, etc also cause damage to our health. But these foods are the main items in all star hotels. Road side food stalls provides home made foods only thing is pollution, water, and neatness is missing and these are available at hotels....

    Don't take hotel foods or Road side foods... Try to eat healthy and home made food. This will keep your health good.

    Vathsala R.

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