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    Growth of Tamilnadu

    Our state Tamilnadu has developed a lot when compared to the past. It has developed in the areas of science and technology, education, computers, finance, marketing, etc.

    Many software companies and outsourcing companies have increased in large numbers. The unemployment problem has also decreased. Now people are not opting to go for foreign countries and are ready to work here.

    Share your views about our improvement.
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    India as a whole is growing. Tamilnadu is also coming up well with good development and infrastructure. It is being noted that those who are working in foreign countries are coming back as the standard levels are being upgraded to US standards.

    Many students who are working in foreign countries are coming back as they feel that there is a huge market here than in any other part of the world. Hope this effectively helps in growth of Tamilnadu.



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    I aggried your points , Eventhough Tamilnadu is going back in agriculture field. Agriculture is the back bone of India and also world. But we are abolishing those agriculture through use of the name infrastructure development. Now a days we can see all the agri fields are wearing the building mask in its face. All the rural area is gone because of technology development.
    Tamilnadu government will put strong rules against agriculture land abolishment. Then only we & our's grandsons will sustain in the world in long days.

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    Hi friend,
    Your argument is appreciable and I too accept the fact that Tamil Nadu has improved much more than the previous decade.According to the current statistics, Tamil Nadu is moving towards higher in the field of Technology, Science and other fields.
    But when we consider about other resources, it is depleting than any other state including Fresh water sources and other criterions.
    Do you know many companies are moving out from TN to other states especially Gujarat which is overwhelming with resources.

    with regards,

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    Hello E. Mangala Madam

    I am also go along with Tamilnadu has developed almost in all areas positively. The rural areas and villages in Tamilnadu are developing and getting good educational facilities.
    If we are developed in agriculture by producing hybrid and high yielding, disease resistance variates.
    The health and the life span of human being are decreasing.

    This is the real fact we should think about the agriculture development.


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    Hi Friends

    I recently read that many people from rural aread have left agriculture and have come to Chennai to earn money as autodrivers!

    Agriculture is the backbone, but maybe they are not getting the right support.


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    No one give respect to farmers. Everyone wants to see their children as a professional and dont want them to see as farmer. Nothing wrong in it.
    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    yes, recently tamilnadu has developed in the areas of science and technology, education, computers, finance, marketing but at the same time corruption also increased in tamilnadu, for example 2G spectrum.

    So, we are thinking our tamilnadu is improving, but that is not true, our tamilnadu is slowly drop down by corruption, we have solve this problems by youngester.


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    Yes Tamil Nadu has developed in lot of areas. IT companies focusing Tamil Nadu especially south Tamil Nadu, because of low expenses like Rent for building, salary of employees etc. So most of IT companies and BPO shifting from other states to Tamil Nadu. This will be helping us to reduce unemployment but what will be the final result? No agriculture land, no Production this leads Tamil Nadu to import all agriculture things from other states and countries !!! which leads again poor Tamil Nadu. We have to think seriously about this Tamil Nadu should grow, but we don't loose our reditional Agriculture lands and work. comparing to other places, Tamil Nadu is very good place for Agriculture because of its Sand source, water facility and rain etc.

    Development in the sense not only developing our technology, education, finance etc.. Development is alos includes developing basic needs food, cloth, air, water etc.. Technology improvement will not affect our day to day activities. So Tamil Nadu people should take care following things

    1. Save Planets and trees
    2. Save ground water
    3. Save Agriculture Land

    Dear Tamil People don't waste our wealthy and healthy land ....

    Vathsala R.

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    Hi Friends,

    Thank you all for your responses and suggestions.


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