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    Discuss: Is IPL a real Summer Vacation Entertainer

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Is IPL a real Summer Vacation Entertainer'. More than 50 days, 74 matches, 10 teams and One Cup. Do you think that IPL is a vacation entertainer. Do you agree that for those who could not travel outside their home town due to non-availability of tickets, it is a real home entertainer. Give your opinion also participate in related POLL.
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    Its true that IPL is a real home entertainer in which we can see fours and sixes flying all over the match. One of the main advantage of this IPL is all country players are mingled in each team and they are playing with a great co-ordination. It also helps them to understand the techniques of various batsmen or bowlers. But, there is a chance for decline of other forms of cricket like 50 over match and test match due to this 20 overs format. So, conducting IPL or 20 overs match should be limited as of now. I am not saying that it should be stopped. Instead, it should be limited.

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    I am thinking about IPL(Indian premier league) which is now one of the hottest topics in the arena. These 8 teams are valued in crores e.g. Mumbai team 441 crores or Bangalore team 440 crores. How do Mukesh Ambani or Vijay Mallya generate that kind of revenue out of this?. As per my knowledge tv rights are sold by BCCI to Sony-WSG. So BCCI gets all the broadcasting money which is nearly about 1 billion $..So Whats left for Mallya,Ambani n others?..only endorsements,advertisements?
    but, later i understand the following fact:

    They own the team, they can merchandise. Team jerseys, shorts, caps, bags, socks, undergarments, wrist bands, books(notepad), jackets ..etc. can be manufactured and sold. Revenue will be generated, money will be made.

    Now the uniform that players will be wearing will sport the owners brand. For example--> Mallya's team will have Kingfisher's logo or McDowells logo, in place of SAHARA(team India). Now Mallya is directly advertising his beer/airline/drinks through his team.

    On the team's uniform too the owner has right to sell different areas. The shirt itself can sport 4-5 brands at different positions. On sleeves , collar, pocket area, other sleeve. And 2 brands on pant/trousers near pocket area. So scope of money making is immense.

    Then teams have..
    1. Official bank sponsor
    2. Official media sponsor
    3. Official hospitality sponsor
    4. Official tech. sponsor
    and a sponsor for almost everything. I've even seen a official MINERAL water sponsor:crazyeye:

    Team will feature in TV commercials money earned will be shared between players and team owner.
    overall somehow its entertaining inly,

    with regards,

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    Hi friends,
    IPL is a entertainer but all play for money. Sometimes IPL makes misunderstanding between the players of India. Ipl is celebrated as festival all players play well in ipl. This is the place where we can see continuous sixes hit by players. Each and every players show their talent make us entertaining. At a point we feel bore when they play match continuously for long time. Finals and semi finals are best in ipl. It is thrill to everyone who will win and who will loss. Also they have introduced many prizes in ipl which makes us exciting. Here there is chance for every players and one can show their talent in ipl and get inside the Indian international cricket team. One of the player in chennai super kings named Murali Vijay has been selected to Indian cricket team by watching his performance in ipl.


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    Hi friends,
    I would say that IPL is a top class entertainment designed by BCCI officials to earn a large sum of money through the public and also providing a good entertainment. But the health of the players should also be taken care of, Excess of something is not always good. The players have been playing continuously all the formats of cricket like T20, One day and Test cricket and also in different conditions it makes the players to loose their fitness level and a reduction of stamina.
    Players are also human, The are not machines like Television that keeps on entertaining people Hence proper rest should be given so at least small gap of a month should be given to players after a tournament to keep their body Fit and healthy and to achieve good tasks. We would have won the England series If there were proper rest given to the players But due to the rigorous schedule India lost to england that too a total whitewash.

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    A real Indian Cricket Lover won't encourage a game like IPL. As my idea goes I drop out some views about it.

    ** The Indian team is splited. We don't know which team to support. For example we can't be happy on Sachin's boudry if the ball is bowled by Zaheer.

    ** The Players don't get adequate rest

    ** The plyers get hurt and may miss the International matches

    ** It's more of business.

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