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    Reasons for Increasing gold demand in Tamilnadu

    The gold price is increasing day by day but still we can see that there is a craze for gold.

    About 75 to 100 sovereigns are gold are demanded at the time of marriages if the boy is well-educated and employed in good concern regardless of whether the girl is equally educated.

    This is the case in arranged marriages and the girl's parents are also ready to offer gold to show their status in the society.

    So the demand for gold has increased and will be still increasing in future.

    Discuss your views about the gold demand.
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    I feel people think that gold is a safe investment and affordable compared to investing in land and people can save little and buy few grams of gold now and then but the same is not true when it comes to land as buying small areas of land is not possible for investment purpose and people want to secure something for their future.

    Moreover gold as you said has its own craze and people cannot see their money grow slowly in a bank deposit hence the decision and ladies especially can buy gold in the form of ornaments which serve for their fashion purpose so all the more reason for purchasing gold then depositing in bank as it serves for more than one purpose.


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    I agree with you kiran, but the main reason is Dowry, as per today gold is the measurement of status. So people who wish to maintain their status, love gold ornaments. Even boys from royal family, expecting more gold from their wife's side, becuase he would like to show his wealth to his friends and family. Iam not saying all guys are doing like this, some guys and some of them are pushed up their family and they are also in the situation to ask more gold.. some people as you said they feel they will be in a safer side by investing money in gold. In the same side, even gold rates touches sky, Our Tamil God and Goddess has tons and tons of gold... which shows Tamilnadu is not a poor State and Tamil People are not poor.. Money and gold accumulated in same side.

    Vathsala R.

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    It denotes the position of our society.All feel insecure.They want to save for future.Anything will happen suddenly.At that time gold will be useful to manage the occurrence.If there is a possibility that a child can study what it wants and up to its interest,all will get jobs to their capacity and manage his/her family,all would get treatment to save all lives in danger, the saving would not be already told it is an easy affordable asset and a good mode of saving And aesthetic sense of all boost more thirst for gold jeweleries Let it be so as to beautifythe situation around us,..

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    Hi friends,
    I accept Mr.Kiran's discussion.Exactly it is the best way to make the value of money increase day by day with no effort and the only thin we have to do is to protect it from robbery and other effects.The currency in a country has its limit according to the amount of Gold in the country.It is the safe thing for maintaining the economy.The Gold price has increased drastically during these present years as the demand has been raised. The Gold ornaments are mostly liked by the people of all ages and it has better strength and durability when compared to others.This has attained a great respect in the places of Royalty, in the marriage and other other type of functions. There will be no other reason for the increase of Gold price. The things having great demand and the available content is low then the price and demand will surely be high.It suits everything in the world. A technological example is the products of Apple (i.e.)i-phone,i-pad etc.,

    with regards,

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