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    Do you agree that Kanimozhi should be punished?

    Kanimozhi, daughter of Kalaignar Karunanidi who has been arrested in connection with the 2G spectrum case has appealed for bail.

    What is your opinion about that?
    Kanimozhi has stated that she needs bail and should be given consideration because she is a women and a mother for school going children.

    I think she should have considered about her children before doing corruption and this will not be considered as an excuse for bail.
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    Those involved in the 2G spectrum case should be punished. There is no second thought about that. There is no differentiation before law whether you are a male of female.

    If Kanimozhi is proved to be involved in the scam then she needs to be punished. Bail cannot be granted for reasons that she is a mother of school going children and she has to take care of them. This gives a wrong precedence to all and everyone would try to utilize this option to escape from jail till the final verdict.



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    Its just an excuse given to create sympathy for herself, what else can she put forth easily. Anyway she will have the guts to face this as she could have dared to do this by knowing the consequences only before hand itself.

    But she could have never imagined in wildest of her dreams too that the party will be let doen by the Tamilnadu people in the election held as she had that belief that she can be easily saved by the government or rather by her family members later if she is caught but the whole idea went vain.


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    'It is my birthright ' says Kanimozhi,'to be a corrupt'.All corrupt people should be put in jail.Ok .Then why Rajathi ammal, Dhayanidhimaran, P.Chidhambaram .Manmohan ,Sonia are not put in jail?Cong pretends that DMK is a corrupt party,Cong could not save them because the case is monitored by Supreme court.All should remember without Finance ministry,and PM approval how could a huge amount of loss to the govt happen?It is trick of Cong that use and throw parties.It is cong history it toppled ADMK and DMK govts more than twice .But this slaves never mind to carry palanquin of cong and every time they feel for it after a heavy loss.
    Iam not defending Kanimozhi but cong is more danger and we should beware of its character.Now there is ADMK ready to carry cong.So cong boldly attack DMK. Kalaignar went to Delhi to pray for Dhayalu ammal who have 60% of share in Kalaignar TV.While 20% is in jail why not 60%

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    Hi friend,
    Thanks for having a discussion on this topic. On the eyes of Truth no one can escape. Whether it is KaniMozhi or anyone. But no one, till date dont know what happened in 2G spectrum issue. This is being hardly scrutenised by the CBI(Central Bureau of Investigation). The nature of the judgement should be like this and it will be like this only, "No culprits should be left free and no innocents should be punished".

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    Not only Kanimozhi but also Dhayalu ammal and original proprietor of kalaignar tv dr kalaignar also should be punished as they had a blunder criminal corruption.

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    No one should be granted bail under any ground. While indulging in corruption they never bother about the life of poor people and not even their children and health too. As soon as getting arrested, everyone feel pain in their heart and someone wants to look after their children and so on. These are the created ground by their lawyer for getting bail. It is completely a pure drama and nothing more than that such people must be punished.
    imagination rules the world - Albert Einstein.

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    Now corruption is leading a India because of various loophole in our law. That is why they are commit in corruption, not even Kanimozhi all the political peoples have been making corruption in India. We may include some government and private officers in this corruption. They are also supporting in this scam.
    In this occasion lokpal bill play a vital role to accuse criminals. But our government shouldn't give any essential rights to that lokball.
    I think all political peoples are criminal in india.
    In Kanimozhi issue, she keep on searching loophole to escape from this 2G scam. that is why she is giving a unessential reasons like i have a child and etc...
    But we hope the criminals of India will be punished by law soon. But Indian peoples are must give a support to lokball team. Then only we will diminish the corruption in India.


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    All political peoples are corrupted? Gandhiji,Nehruji,netaji,kamaraj,jothibasu ,nirupen chakrabarthy,kakkanji,era.sezian branding" all" we miss minority good.though it is minimal we should encourage the good minority .Then only it will grow. Anna team is good .they are questioning something.But they have no genuine solutions and their approach is not democratic .In democracy the parliament should decide the laws.He should take part in election too.Then only they can realise the real democracy.What is the opinion of anna on 2g,Adharsh CWG ..why they are mum on these ?If a bill is passed ,will it end corruption?which is the root cause of corruption? Had his team any policy on the causes of corruption?The liberalisation,globalaisation,privatisation opened the bandarrow box of corruption.Are they attacking these without which all of their actions would end in mere waste.

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    Kanimozhi is out of Tihar and has reached her residence.She will come to chennai on 3rd December ..crackers will sound ..she will be welcomed as if she has conquered Delhi..All medias will cover these dramas ..Corruption of Kanimozhi will be exposed? we can't know ..the exposure will be according to the joint thinking of cong and DMK ..we can wait and see for some more time

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