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    Cinema make may thing

    hai friends.,
    Cinema is Biggest media to cover the all kind of age group.Some people take the cinema as a Entertainment but many people have take the very series in there life.

    Many youngsters waste the time in cinema practice the hero what say that thing even they didn't like.many people go to First day of the movie and crate the banner and many other thing's to that first day of that film.

    Cinema is also one of the Entertainment. hero's Do the Work correctly for his/her life to improve. But we waste the time to watch the file in that time we can do many things.

    Do you think this is Healthy.
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    I agree with you that the Cinema can be considered as a very big waste of time. In general the cinema in the olden days were in such a way that the people learns a lots of things from the cinema. There were also various things that were told to the people with the help of cinema. There are both the aspects in Cinema. The good part and also the bad part exists in cinema. Most of the people take the cinema in a wrong manner and this is the reason why the life of youngsters are getting wasted in general. Or else the cinema can also be considered as the most healthy part of the people. It is the best source of entertainment to the people but it is how the people exactly take it.

    There are many great movies even now and also following from the olden days that helped a lot in making the people understand easily about the various facts of the life. SO in this aspect the Cinemas can be considered as a great thing to learn a lot along with the source of entertainment. It is based on every individual to learn the good things from the cinema and leave the bad things in general. The art of filtering bad things should be learned in practice only.

    It is waste of time to the people if they just see the movie and doesn't learn anything from the movie in general. The movies in general teach lots of things and its up to the people to take the good and leave the bad. Just sparing 3 hrs for something which is called as entertainment cannot be said impossible. Everyone can spare 3 hours watching a cinema in theater.

    Thanks & Regards
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    Hai to all,

    Yes i also agree with you. But will not say don't see cinema. We can enjoy movies, songs and comedy and all. but don't take it serious. Don't take particular hero or actress as your rolemodel. Children are more impressed by cinema easily, this will affects their characters and mannerism very much. Most of the parents produly saying, My child eagerly watch Danush Movie, Karthi songs, etc... Is is healthy society?

    Please don't waste your wounderful time with cinema.

    Vathsala R.

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    Hi Friends,

    Cinema is the place, where we can see the dream things in front of eyes. It is just for time pass purpose. There is nothing wrong in that.

    But people how their taking is most important thing. Now a days this is also one of the biggest industry , where lots of people earning money(not only Hero's) and surviving their life.

    Nothing wast guys. Think positive. Youngsters when they are seeing cricket matches other sports games, they were getting inspiration and they also try to became like that sports player. in this some one getting success and some one not getting success. its depends on them.

    Same here also, some of youngsters are getting inspiration with some hero's/some field.

    This is human nature. you have to take it as a one type of time pass ting, so that we can enjoy.

    Note: This field only helped us to identify some good & talented peoples (MGR,Sivaji..etc).

    Example: when every we start to speak about Veerabandiya Katta Bomman, in front of our eyes Sivaji only will come. So this is helped us to remember our history and Similar like lots of good things we can say.

    Even it has some minus also, but it has more good things.

    So its healthy at the same time dangerous (just like a sleeping tablet)one also...


    Best Regards,

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    No cinema -no TamilNadu.It is a mirror of our culture.Enjoyment is the basis of our arts.It started as dancing,shouting,singing at the time of hunting and it continued after harvesting.It developed and branches of arts increased so as to extend and include all type of skills of expression.koothu is modified as drama in our period and scientific inventions gave a tremendous unbelievable change to these arts.Cinema develops the understanding of humanity;breaks the barriers in our long old culture .Modernisation of cinema make love a genuine and lovers were and are boosted from it.political cinemas make people awake from foolishness to be cheated by bad politicians and rulers atrocities .So it should be handled more carefully so as the people to learn more from cinema.It should not be the only motive of entertainment

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