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    How can improve our communication skill

    Hai friend.,
    Today life we have a many important skills to improve in our life. That's very important is Communication.Now a days many people lacking with communication.

    So how can we improve the communication skill. many people says watch the English news, read the English paper, like this activities jest we know the words and meaning but we can't able to speak with in fluently in English that is the main problem.

    How can improve our communication skill.
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    Improving the communication skill is the most important thing nowadays in the day to day life. People are recognized in the best way based on the communication skill that they possess. The communication is nothing but the way of expressing things in the clear manner. It is not just knowing the language well and speaking in front of many people. Most of the people will have an idea that the communication is nothing but the way of speaking the language and the accent that they have. It is definitely not the requirement.

    When a person's communication is tested it is tested based on how he or she is capable of expressing the views about something to someone. The idea in that person's mind should reach the other person or to the public this is the way of good communication. For this best communication the language is also one of the important factor that a person should focus on. With the help of good language skill a person can easily use the proper words and communicate what he is thinking in his mind and what idea he is actually about to say.

    As said about the best way to improve the communication well is by reading lots of book and also daily news papers. The daily news papers increase the communication skill of a person in all the aspect. It is not how the person reads the news paper but the skill is based on how much the person can understand by reading the news paper.

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    Improving communication is most important thing today. To improve communication we have to do some good practice like.

    1. Read English Newspapers, books etc..
    2. Try to speak english with our friends, co workers.
    3. Watch English News Channel daily at least 10 mins.
    4. Listen English speaking people's conversation is most imporatant thing. We can learn more frequently used words.
    5. Think a suitation and try to speak loud about that in front of mirror.

    Reading, Listening and practicing will increase your Communication skill.

    Vathsala R.

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    Hi friend,

    Anyone can improve a thing with proper practice and dedication towards it.To improve the communication skill,there are many ways.The usual things are given by our honorable editor.
    Now think the case of driving,in that before issuing the license we are given LLR.During that period we get practice in driving with a good driving person on the back seat to guide us.Similarly choose a person who is well versed in English and practice to communicate with him.This works better than practicing with friends.This is because our friends ignore our mistakes but others try to correct it.

    with regards,

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    Communication is very important in today's world. A best communicator will have a good place. there are lots of ways to improve our communication skills.

    1.Read English newspapers in that u can easily know the hard words and their meanings.
    2.Watching English movies and news.
    3.Better to communicate with your friends in English.
    4.collect at least 5 hard words per day and know their spelling and pronunciation.

    "Practice makes Perfect" So Practice daily will makes everything easy.


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    Thanks for coming this valuable post, My opinion is different, Tamilspider is one of the way to improve your communication skill, for example, if you can continuously participate in various forum messages, you can surely improve your communication skill, and also you can increase your communication skills by posting articles here.

    Some another ways are, Read English newspapers, watching movies,,etc,,which are suggest by another members.


    San Jose,

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