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    Discuss: Change of Tamilnadu Secretariat correct or wrong?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Change of Tamilnadu Secretariat correct or wrong?'. my answer is wrong. New Secretariat huge money invested and more facility available. New Government why change to old Secretariat waste of time and people tax amount wrongly used in the new Government. Analyze New Government recommend Old Secretariat convert to visiting Tourist Places.
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    CM clarified has today that the building is not completed.Kalaignar brought assembly and secretariat partly in this building in haste to proclaim for voters,See,I have constructed this as valluvar kottam.valluvar statue.To get the praise of the people he hurried to incomplete building.This building wont be wasted .we hear that the govt offices that are functioning in rented buidings would be brought to this building.If it is correct ,what is wrong ? If CM is doing because of ego only it is not desirable.A leader of a govt should not waste her time in petty things like this.We also should not come to a conclusion that CM is doing waste things only on seeing this petty things alone.We will wait and see.Don't hurry to blame

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    The only reason for shifting is echo of JJ.
    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    I don't think it will be great to do like that

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    Hi Friends

    Why are people always thinking negative?

    Why not think in the other way round, why was the new secratriat building at the first place when our new CM can operate from old place why not the same was done by erlier CM, why was it necessary to spend a fortune in building a new place wasting all the money.

    We have been accustomed to think like this blaming the person saying her ego plays, it may be true I am not on any political side, I am just analysing the situation, rest is for the people to think.


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    The first time when I heard the news my thought was about the workers who are involved in shifting from the new to the old secretariat.

    It is a burden to change the place for the workers.

    The money is spend in a wasteful manner for unneccessary things like the building of the new secretariat. Our CM does not want to use the building which was build by DMK.

    Thus a mere waste of money.


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    Hi friends,
    Any building built wont be useless anywhere.I don't know the real fact of changing the Secretariat.But I am sure that the already built new secretariat will be used for something else.We should not worry about the thing that happened in the past,we should only look after the thing which is going to happen in the mere future.That building can be voted to make it as a place for books,rare art,sculptures or as a museum.This kind of t hings may make the tourists visit to the place and makes the Government to earn handsomely.This can be also used as a place for conducting conferences.

    with regards,

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    DMK had opened the new secretariat without fully completing it to take due credit and ADMK now wants to nullify that.
    Both DMK and ADMK are playing politics and it is we who are breaking our heads as it is our hard earned money that has been used.

    Hope better sense prevails and the new building will be used constructively to earn revenue and not sealed off (atleast for next 5 years).



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    Well said rajesh ! thalaiyaruththal vendharkku pozhupokkaam namakko uyirn vaadhai '

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