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    Copy the post from MSWORD and past in Resource

    Hi friends i have some doubt? If i prepare a post through MS WORD, can i copy and past the post in my resource? is its allowed by site owner?

    Next question is it allowed to copy the content from the other site but no copywrite its general topic, so can I past it in my resource?
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    Hello Sangeetha,
    As long as it is regional content has and not reproduced from any other sites, we don't have any problem.

    It is not allowed to copy form any sites, even they are not copy righted. But, you can write the same article in your own words.

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Sir my first question is it allowed to write a post in MSWORD then copy the same and past it on my resource?is it allowed?

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    Hello Sangeetha,
    See we don't see whether you have written in MS word and then copied it into resource section. We don' mind that much. The only thing we care about that is, it should not be reproduced and must have regional content.

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Kiran sir,
    Thanks for your replay, if there any post or resource which gives full detail of writing articles resources in this site?

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    Hi Sangeetha,

    To answer your question in simple words, its always better to type in Word and then paste in resource section as you can easily correct the mistakes or edit any line which will be difficult while doing so directly in the resource section, one more advantage you need not be online till you are working on your topic in Word, later just login to TSR and post it directly here.

    Second thning is that if you find any article interesting about tamilnadu or related to tamilnadu which you want to share here, you can do so but it needs to be written in your own English if i can say so, i mean you should rewrite the article in your own words and should not copy paste as it is from other sources.

    Reproducing means copy and paste which is not allowed, but you can read information from somewhere and rewrite it no problem.

    Kranthi : Please corect me if anythning wrongly mentioned by me.


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    Hi Sangeetha,
    I am fully agree with Kiran Kumar and Kranthikiran,
    Reproducing article from other websites is not allowed but you can read articles from other websites and write them in your own words. But if you will write a new topic then it will get good traffic as well as more revenue.
    Second thing is, It is a best practice to write articles in MS Word first cause MS Word can identify your spelling mistakes and while writing in MS Word you should format them in appropriate Head, Bold, Underline, Italic and Bullets. While you paste the article in Tamil Spider then use appropriate HTML tags to complete that.
    If any problem arises then feel free to write in "Forum Section" of Tamil Spider.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout
    Webmaster of Orissa spider

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