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    What is our role to protect the environment?

    Our environment is totally polluted. There are all types of pollution like noise pollution, air pollution, water polltion, land pollution, etc. Though we are all aware of this fact I think nothing has been done to avoid this.

    The trees are destructed and this has lead to green house effect.

    What are we going to do for ozone depletion, global warming and green house effect?

    The ices are melting and the sea level is just rising day by day if left as such everything will be submerged under water.

    Think of the remedies.
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    Mrs mangala , i completely agree with you. The fact is alarming and known to every one. but all that matters is how many persons take it seriously. in my opinion every action is to be started with a small step. As a result environmental pollution can be curtailed .

    There are a lot of things that we can do to stop environmental pollution. If we don't know how to get involved, We can start by following these tips.

    Make An Online Donation: There are a lot of organizations that can use our financial support. If we do not have a lot time, we can help out by making online donation.

    Donate A Used Automobile: If we have an old car, we can also make donation to a program like Car Program LLC. They will use our car to save the earth.

    Recycle: Believe it or not, there are tons of things that we can recycle. For instance, you probably know that you can recycle aluminum, metal, paper, and plastic. Do you know that we can recycle mobile phones and car batteries? If we have old clothes, we can donate them to charity. That is one type of recycling. Recycling is not only limited to aluminum, metal, paper, and plastic. Be creative. we will realize that our potentials for recycling are limitless.

    Save Energy: Save energy can be simple thing like turning off the light. If our home use incandescent light bulb, you should change it to fluorescent light bulb. Although fluorescent light bulb is a little more expensive, it usually lasts longer. Saving energy can also save our money. Saving environment and saving our money are like killing two birds with one stone.

    Encourage our Friends And Neighbors To Help: Stop environmental pollution is everybody's duty. It is important to encourage our friends and neighbors to help.

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    Hi Prabhas

    Nice thoughts people should atleast select one or two whichever suits them if not all, which will be useul.

    Please explain about the point Autombile donation where you have mentioned something as Car program LLC, I would like know more about that if you can share in detail.


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    Hi Mangala

    Good topic to chat on!

    One more thing i could like to like to know from you, next to your namr it shows as Webmaster, how did you achieve this please share, and also Congrats for the same.


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    Hi prabhas,

    I agree with ur thoughts, We can protect the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling items.

    Not using cigarettes may prevent the ozone layer from depleting, this will also protect the environment.

    Students should understand the need for protecting the environment, because "Today's students are the Tomorrow's citizens".


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