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    Do you prefer living in Joint family?

    Joint family system is very much prevalent in Tamilnadu.
    Still we can see two or three generation people living together.
    The younger brother respect the elder one and act according to his words. The old people are treated with great respect. There are many advantages of living in a joint family.

    But nowadays the numbers have decreased and people do not prefer the joint family system. There arise fights and clash between the members which were not there in the past.

    Discuus your opinions in this thread.
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    Definitely joint family is the best system in our country. unfortunately due to current eco system and financial needs, nuclear family system is being promoted. I wish I live in a joint family environment. But because of my work, I'm forced to live in a nuclear family system. I belive many suffers the same.


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    Joint family is the best type of family to live. As said by Mr.Mani, nowadays it is very difficult to live as a joint family due to various reasons such as job, studies,etc.,

    If there is a joint family, there are many advantages like, they can share their happiness, their sorrows and peace in life.

    Practice makes perfect..

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    Joint Family System is very best but now a days Joint family system creats some unwanted problems. In those days people prefer to live in joint family because they are very flexible, and they ready to sacrifice some small small things for others. Now most of the youngesters have independent thoughts and they are not listening even their father's words. so youngester like to live alone. People who live in joint family have strong support from elders, example job going women meane elders will take care of their children.

    Now a days there are plenty of Day care center of babies, it shows joint family system expired little by little.

    Vathsala R.

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    Hi friend,
    This is a most appreciable topic taken for discussion.My view is to support the Nuclear Family.I accept Mrs.Vathsala's view about joint family.There are many problems in Joint Family when compared to Nuclear/Small Family.The most important thing inside that if we get caught on some issue in home there will be a queue of members to try their hand in the issue.Sometimes it will end in useless confusion and worries.Being a member of joint family we may also get help from entire family.I think nuclear family is nice and we can enjoy a lot with the family members.But all of us know that every coin has two sides,so there will be a advantage/disadvantage in everything.

    with regards,

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