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    Do you respect the Tamilnadu culture and traditions?

    Hi Friends,

    Tamilnadu is very famous for its culture and traditions.

    The question is Do you have belief in them?

    For example when you take marriage, there are lots of practices, worships and many more. The younger generations do not believe in them many of us think that register marriage is better than the traditional ones.

    Share your views about this.
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    Hi friend,
    I have a great belief in the Tamil Nadu's Culture and Traditions.They are very much reasonable. But all the things are not acceptable.Some of them are blind beliefs.They should not be taken in to consideration without the proper revision.The culture of Tamil Nadu is the great ever thing in the world.This culture have attracted many foreign minds and made them to praise ours prestigious culture.I am very proud for being a resident of Tamil Nadu.

    with regards,

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    Hi friends,

    I have a great belief in Tamil Nadu Culture and Traditions. Ancient people in Tamil Nadu gave some useful tips to lead healthy life in the name of culture. If we see depth of Tamil Nadu culture, all are good health tips to everyone. There are plenty of reasons behind each and every traditions in tamil nadu. I would list out some of basic culture and traditions in tamil nadu.

    There is a culture of putting Kolam infront of houses in Tamil Nadu, In early days, people put kolam in "Rice Flour", which is one kind of "Thanam" for insects. Every Friday people will put Turmeric lines at bottom of home entrance door, which protects our home from insects. (Insects will not come inside). Getting up early in morning and putting kolam is also good excercise to body.

    Barathanatiam is orginated from Tamil Nadu, which shows our culture to all. This classical Dance has plenty of scientfic effects in this layam, posture and all.

    Tamil Nadu's traditional food is Idly, Rice,sambar and Rasam. Idly has no high colustrol and Sambar made by dall, has high protien, and Rice has high carbohydrate and Rasam for dygistion. So In food culture also tamil nadu is the best. They follow good healthy life.

    Be proud to be an Tamizhan.

    Vathsala R.

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    Hi Vathsala,

    Your answer is very good. But the younger generations are not practicing this in their life.


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    The culture and tradition in Tamilnadu is not exactly followed. People changed their culture according to their convenient and life style. They have not dropped but doing this mutated form. But I think it is difficult to follow this in future.
    As Mangala said younger generations are not at all aware of this and they are not practicing and following. It is in the hand of parents to teach them about this to their children from the childhood.

    It depends on the individuals thinking and way of life they are leading. Any way try to save our Tamilnadu culture and tradition.


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    Young generation are attracted to western culture. They think western culture as best. Food culture is also changed. Young generations thinks this culture is boring. They are mainly affected by cinemas. Food culture like fast food, chinese are most welcomed by younger generation. Knowledge should be given about Tamil culture and why they are doing so.

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    its pleasure to follow our culture.
    it is one of the oldest culture and a precious one too.
    its proud for us to say that we still follow our traditional culture
    though it is said that people are westernized we could see our culture dumped within them.
    our culture is respectful and prestigious too.
    Tamil Nadu has a long tradition of venerable culture.
    Tamil Nadu is known for its rich tradition of literature, music and dance which continue to flourish today.
    Unique cultural features like Bharatanatyam, Tanjore painting, and Tamil architecture were developed and continue to be practiced in Tamil Nadu.

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