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    About Friends and Friendship

    RESULT AGAR ACHCHA HO: (If exam results are good)

    Maa -Bhagwan ki kripa hai.( mom: It is all due to God's Grace)
    Papa - Beta Kiska Hai.( dad: After all whose son !)
    Dost - Chal Daaru Peete hain.( Friends: Lets have Beer)

    RESULT AGAR BURA HO:( If result is -ve)
    Maa - Aag lage is mobile main. ( Mom : Do the Hell with this mobile)
    Papa - Laad pyar ne bigaad diya.( dad: itz all happened bcoz of excess of love)
    Dost - Chal Daaru Peete hain.( friends: lets have beer)

    BIRTHDAY PER: ( On the occasion of Birth day)

    Maa - Jug jug jiye mera beta. ( mom : Long Live my son)
    Papa - Hamesha aage badhe.(Dad: wish you allsuccess)
    Dost - Chal Daaru Peete hain.( friends: Lets have beer)

    LOVE MAIN FAIL HONE PER:( when there is a love failure)

    Maa - Beta Bhool ja usko.( Mom ; Son, Forget her)
    Papa - Mard ban. ( dad: be a man)
    Dost - Chal Daaru Peete hain. ( friends: lets have beer)


    Duniya badal jati hai par DOST kabhi nahin badalte...( Though the world is getting changed and turning upside down but friends never get changed)
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    Please mind that this website is related to Tamil Nadu and most of the people in this site know only Tamil and English. So, I request you not to put in Hindi alone.

    Practice makes perfect..

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    Mr rizwan. i am very well aware this site is related to TamilNadu. But as an indian we must know Hindi too. so there is nothing wrong posting any thread in hindi. i really feel pity about people in Tamilnadu. they are so innocent and been politicised by these Dual standard politicians. i dont know whether you are aware of the fact or not. The great politicians childrens study in the school like DON BoSCO and DPS(Delhi Public School). so i don t have any regrets posting this thread. i have taken an initiation to Persuade people to learn HIndi.i am also succeeded in teaching atleast a single person in a year and making him well versed in hindi. so no Hurt feelings. cheers.

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    Hi friend,

    I too agree with you. I just want to you to post the same concurrent meaning of the above sentences in English.

    Practice makes perfect..

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    okay i appreciate your suggestions. and here after i ll try to make it reachable to every one. thanks a lot

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    Thank you for your kind response.
    Practice makes perfect..

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    Hi Prabhas,

    I too agree with Syed Rizwan, this is not for hurting you. But many people do not understand the content.

    I just opened this thread for posting my opinion but I cannot understand hindi.

    Can you just translate this so that everyone can understand?


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    kya baat hai yaar. Itni achhi tarah doston ke bare main kaha hai dil khush kar diya. and by the way you must translate in english so that every one can enjoy that.

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    Hi prabhas. It is a nice site . it is an ocean of information about Tamilnadu. Thanks for Persuading me to join here. It is a beautiful opportunity for people like us to enrich the knowledge. about this post Boys always think of celebrating with beer. i cant believe that. anyways have fun

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