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    Discuss: What is the main reason for the electric power cut in Tamilnadu?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'What is the main reason for the electric power cut in Tamilnadu?'. The people of Tamilnadu facing the power problem for the recent days. There are many reasons for this power cut. Choose the main reason for the power cut and discuss your views with TSR members.

    1. Increasing of usage due to new industries
    2. Poor production of power due to water and rain scarcity
    3. Free power supply to Agriculture purposes
    4. No steps taken to produce more power supply
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    Hello sir,

    All the reasons mentioned above are responsible for the power cut in Tamil Nadu. Day by Day the population, the usage, the number of industries are all increasing.

    But the steps taken by the TNEB is not enough. They are planning to increase the production. But the process is very slow. As an electrical engineering student I want to share some information.

    * TNEB is running at a loss of Rs.9000 crore per year. Since they are buying power from other states to meet the demand, the cost price is more for them and they are selling it to customers at a very low rate. Hence this much loss occurs for TNEB.
    * Conservation of electrical energy is also present in our hand. Usage of CFL lamps instead of tungsten bulbs, usage of LED lamps instead of tube light are some of the ways to conserve energy.

    Practice makes perfect..

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    Hi friend,
    My opinion is that there are no such effective means to produce power from the renewable resources such as production of electricity through Dams,Windmills,Solar etc.,Therefore the TN Government should take care of the steps to take to improve the power production.There are many renewable resources available in robust in Tamil Nadu but the amount of usage is very minimum.In the present days many sources for production of power,for example the turbines used for production of electricity through the water are losing their efficiency due to the degradation of the turbine blades.This type of problems should rectified in the machines or they should be replaced with the new ones.

    with regards,

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    Shortage of Power and the Power Cuts in Tamilnadu are due to the following reasons:-

    Theft of Power:- Power thefts by factories, farms etc. are increasing and remedial measures are expected to be taken at appropriate levels.

    Non-Stringent/Over-usage of power by the Consumers/Public:-
    Awareness must be created in the minds of the consumers, to use power stringently.

    Wastage of Power in Functions: Both in the private functions and public functions steps must be taken to reduce over-use of decorative lights etc.

    Tamil Nadu is at present getting only 7,195 MW of power against the requirement of 8,000 MW.

    Wind mills are supplying 1,500 MW

    Hydel sources 1,000 MW

    Thermal 2,520 MW

    Power stations using gas are generating 321 MW.

    The state is getting 1,754 MW from the central pool, besides 100 MW from Kerala.


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