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    Winner of Member of day Award (MOD) - May 2011 Winners list-Updated as on 31st May

    As announced earlier about MOD- Win Rs 50 Everyday award programme, we are announcing the winners. The list below will be updated every day.
    1. Day 1 - 01.05.2011 - None
    2. Day 2 - 02.05.2011 - None
    3. Day 3 - 03.05.2011 - None
    4. Day 4 - 04.05.2011 - Gowthami
    5. Day 5 - 05.05.2011 - Kiran Kumar
    6. Day 6 - 06.05.2011 - None
    7. Day 7 - 07.05.2011 - None
    8. Day 8 - 08.05.2011 - E Mangala
    9. Day 9 - 09.05.2011 - None
    10. Day 10 - 10.05.2011 - Krishna Verma
    11. Day 11 - 11.05.2011 - None
    12. Day 12 - 12.05.2011 - E Mangala
    13. Day 13 - 13.05.2011 - None
    14. Day 14 - 14.05.2011 - Krishna Verma
    Day 15 - Day 22 - 15.05.2011 to 22.05.2011 - None
    23. Day 23 - 23.05.2011 - Kiran Kumar
    24. Day 24 - 24.05.2011 - E Mangala
    25. Day 25 - 25.05.2011 - None
    26. Day 26 - 26.05.2011 - None
    27. Day 27 - 27.05.2011 - E Mangala & Kiran Kumar
    28. Day 28 - 28.05.2011 - Kiran Kumar
    29. Day 29 - 29.05.2011 - None
    30. Day 30 - 30.05.2011 - Rajesh
    31. Day 31 - 31.05.2011 - Balanathan

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    MOD - Febraury 2011 Winners list

    MOD - March 2011 Winners list
  • #3947
    Hope to see many winning the list including my name in the coming days.


  • #3981
    Congratulations Gowthami for being the first winner of the MOD contest for this month, your articles were good, I wish people read the reviews and get benefited by them.


  • #4007
    Congratulations to Gowthami and Kiran for the award. hope some interesting and useful post from your side. so that other spiders can make use of that.have fun and take care.


  • #4031
    I feel happy for getting the Special award MOD. Hope to see lots of members in the list.

  • #4069
    Hello E. Manala,
    Many many congratulations for getting Member of the Day (MOD) award for 2 times in the month of May. I hope you will get more MOD in upcoming days. We are looking forward your good posts in Tamil spider.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout
    Webmaster of Orissa spider

  • #4078
    Hi sir,

    I have got 104 points in 14.05.2011 but My name is not in Member of Day List. Let me know the reason.

    Vathsala R.

  • #4079
    Hello vasthala,
    I agree you have earned 104 points, but as I told in forum message tha to win MOD at-least 2 out of 3 must be on posted on topics mentioned on that week. So none of your resources is on Tamilnadu elections on that particular day.

    A S Kranthi Kiran

  • #4080
    Hello Sir,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Vathsala R.

  • #4179
    Hi Mangala

    Congratulations Mangala Madam, It was a tough competition indeed.

    I should say this MOD is really a motivational factor atleast for me!


  • #4181
    I feel happy for getting the MOD for the fourth time. As Kiran said it was a tough competition yesterday.

    I congratulate Kiran Kumar for getting the MOD. Kiran all your articles are really good and is different. Continue posting resources in TSR.

    This MOD is really a motivating factor as said by Kiran.

    I thank our webmaster for giving MOD to both of us so that neither of us feel disappointed.


  • #4182

    Yes rightly said our webmaster is too sweet to have given both of us MOD for our efforts as i remember how eyes were glued to the screen till late night to check who is topping the chart.

    It was a healthy competition by the way and thanks for the compelement Mangala Madam for having gone through my articles.

    You are too a veteran here which I hae noticed and good contributions by you too, keep it up.


  • #4193
    Congrats to Kiran and Mangala, both got most of the places in this list. Great work All the very best. I would like to see you both in future list also..
    Vathsala R.

  • #4195
    Hi Vathsala,

    Thank you for your compliments.

    I have gone through most of your articles and it is really a great work. Keep it up.


  • #4202
    Hi Vathsala

    Thanks a lot for the compliment.


  • #4204
    Congratulations to Mangala and Kiran Kumar for winning the MOD award four times. It requires real hard work to achieve this consistently. All the best. Hope you continue the same effort in coming months.



  • #4285
    Hi Rajesh

    Thanks a lot sir and congratulations to you too for winning the MOD.


  • #4286
    Congratulations all members, It seems, you are very much interesting to post articles here, So Surely you will get revenue as well as knowledge. Winners, Show your full tallent here, try to win all Member of the day contest.

    Wish you all the best,


    santhosh kumar.A

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