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    Why shoud governments offer gifts to cricketers?

    Members of world cup cricket team are offered hefty gifts in cash &kind by various govts.Rlys.have said they can travel free by AC class for life. TNGOVT have given 3crores to team & 1cr to Aswin. Karnataka govt hv given 25 lacs to each. Ifeel these gifts being offered out of taxpayers money which otherwise is meant for developmental unreasonable, unjust & beynd realms of legality.
    Reasons: 1.They are unger contract withBCCI & get salary in crores besides allowances.As salaried people it is their duty to play for a win.Is a salaried employee paid extra for finishing a file? 2. Legally the teem CANNOT BE A REPRESENTATIVE of INDIA. BCCI is a private body registered under Tamilnadu societies act withno govt control over its affairs,finance & no govt, nominee inBoard of directors unlike I O A, ITTF, ILTA ETC. It is a commercial business activity not coming under purview of govt audit .If someone files a PIL against Bcci & govt gifts crores of public money can be saved & used for public purpose.
    raman malli
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    This is happening becoming cricket is loved by all like crazy, I don't understand why people are taking it so serious which is the cause for all the benefits they enjoy, its just a sports after all.

    People should think what they are upto as Cricket is becoming too much in India and the Film Industry is also joining hands with them under the name of IPL as they know where to extract money from public.


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    It is one of the very few games where India is very successful. Many of the times this particular game brought entire India in limelight. It is loved by every Indians. If 11 people can make 1.2 million people smile, then wats harm in paying them. BCCI need not be part of Indian Govt. But the 11 players represents entire India. Cricket is also like other business. Till the time you are part of the team, you will get money and populartiy and everything. Once they retire, we will forget them very easily. How many of us still talking about Roger Binny or Amarnath??? It is applicable for current players too.

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    hi thanks for your response.But my question is why should governments pay them out of public finds meant for state /national development and that too for a team maintained by aprivate body with no formal & ledal approval from govt.I agree MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES is their motto but they cannot eat hay belonging to common man. In fact it is because of our attitude to be silent digesters of their actions nation is scamsfull.As reg old cricketers we hv even forgotten GNADHIJI ,NEHRUJI & WE NOW HAVE 2G/KALMADIJI
    Let us at least show we know what is happening to make them wake up

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    Hi Dude,

    I can understand your feel, but you have to think different way. We paid lots of money to Kalmady , Raja though they didn't done any good things for public.

    But these team made great achievement. Because of them we feel proud and that day when they got cup whole India felt happy though each Indians having different problem, they feel really happy on that moment.

    For that happiness purpose our government gave some money. personally i felt, In front of that happiness some crores of money is not worthless.

    and one more thing, if people doesn't happy also, politicians will eat more then that money.

    So don't worry about BCCI, though it is an private concern, no one is telling BCCI got champion , whole world is speaking about our India only not BCCI.

    Be Happy as a Indian,

    Best Regards,

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