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    Do u believe in astrology?

    How far do you believe in astrology predictions, has anything come out true in your life predicted by any astrologer, do you think someone can predict your future accurately and do you know how this astrology works?

    Share your experiences and views on this topic.

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    Hello Kiran,
    You are asking a good question. I know many people believe in astrology. But in my opinion I have some hectic about this because i believe 95% on my works and only a few with my luck which is more necessary. That is my opinion. I don't know what others feel about this.

    Bhisma Narayan Rout
    Webmaster of Orissa spider

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    Thanks Bhisma for sharing your view on this topic. I think many people will have different insight on this.

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    sometimes i'd like to believe it.

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    Definitely its a interesting topic to discuss here. Sure we find several views and opinions about the topic.
    Belief in Astrolology may vary from time to time within the same person. Till the everything comes on your way, you may not belive in astrology or any kind future predicting methods.
    But once if the things are upside down, you may intend to belive it as you may consider as it is one of the way you can come out of your bad time. And again it may varies with individuals.
    In my opinion, you may belive in astrology or palmystry to some extent as it may boost your confidence when things are not in your way. Take only the positive comments from the astrologer and do not spend blindly and it benefits the astrologer only and not you.


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    Good suggestion by mani, the thing is i used to read astrology column in daily newspaper but nothing of that used to happen like mentioned there, do u all have any different opinion?

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    'Sodhidam dhanai ikazh ' told Barathi.Though he belongs to a brahmin family he totally rejected astrology.I beleive in politics not in palmistry .Politics makes our life maximum good or bad. All our hard work add to politics .There are many ladies could nor marry anyone because of this astrology.sevva dhosam,nagadhosam make tragedy in plenty of men/women.So don't beleive 100% of this bloody astrology.

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    Good example how astrology has affected ladies life, you are right our life is in our hands only and not someone who is also human like us, but then how this belief still exists?

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    Something which i gained,

    Astrology is a Art or Science? Astrology is a Science, it is believed that it is purely a mathematical calculations and super guessing, associated with past experiences. In olden days there is no Digital clock, but people see the sky and tell the time, people are so brilliant and stress less, so they had enough time to do research and predict things, the predictions were developed in the later stages and they converted in to writings in the palm tree leaves. our mind is a supercomputer which is equal to 100 systems, but we are becoming lazy and we dont give work to our brains, anything which is not been used properly and regularly will get rusted. Our minds are all rusted now, otherwise we dont want to depend some one to know abut our life and future.

    The answer for your quewtion, Astrology is an beautiful art too. It can be believed, if you are approaching a good astrologer and not a money minded person. Believe astrology, but dont depend on astrology. Because You have everything in you to Make it or Break it.

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    One good explanation I should say, Thanks Paddy for your wonderful view on this topic.

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