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    Discuss: Best Milk of Tamilnadu

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Best Milk of Tamilnadu'.

    There we can discuss about the milk supply in Tamilnadu and which is the best among all that we know any why

    Please give reasons for your vote like why according to you a particular brand is best whether in terms of supply time, Quality, no complaints, customer service, availability etc

    Others, Please specify
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    Hi Kiran,

    Your question is something different. I mean it is a very good question.

    People in Tamilnadu use various brand milks. Some of them buy milk which is not packeted, i.e., from the people having cow. The old people advice to use the milk taken directly from the cow. But it is not good for health because we do not know how they are taking care of the cow. Even if a small hair from the cow is mixed it is considered as a contamination. They do not bath the cow and do not give good feed.

    So according to my point of view only packeted milk fully pasteurised is good. Among this packeted milk "Aavin" is the best because it is a government product. Other milk may use chemicals and doctors recommend it is not safe for babies.

    Why should we take a risk always go in for aavin milk.


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    Hi Mangala

    Thanks for the compliment. I just thought of finding out whether throughtout Tamilnadu only these brands are popular or any other brand also exists so i came up with this thread, your answer was indeed a good advice over the old myth that direct milk from cow is better as our elders may say, So you vote for aavin ok let's see what others have to say.


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    Dear Kiran,

    The milk products comes from Aavin is good. The Aavin company makes and keeps the milk in very safe manner. It is maintained by the Government of Tamilnadu. They get the milk directly from the farmers.

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    Aavin milk?,Heritage milk?, Thirumala milk?,Rusi milk?, Arokya milk?,
    Komatha milk ?,POnlait milk ? No,No cow milk.
    It is a tragedy to spoil our culture to forget that milk is got from cow or buffalo .Thus all our heritage is gone by merchants.They propagate that Tata salt is national salt. Idhayam oil.For the sake of trade they all have been changed .once my boy asked me nallennai idhayaththilirundhu eduppangala appa?(Dad,is oil prepared from heart?

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    So what is your view Vasudevan sir

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    Plese don't get Panic on my Answers.

    You might stop drinking milk.

    We will just have a statistical analysis.

    How many litres of milk can be a produced by a single Cow?

    What is the Shelf life of the produced milk?

    How far we can rely that the milk we are drinking in various forms are produced by cow?

    If you brainstrom the answers for this questions, you will end up asking lot more questions again. Imagine the population of Chennai, How many Hotels, Coffeedays and Teashops in chennai, How many milk vendors, How many brands. There are times we use to get the Token for getting the milk bottle from the AAvin counter, sometimes due to shortage you will get only one bottle of milk, even if you are eligible for two bottles. but now you will get how much ever you want. Ask How?

    I worked in abroad, the water we are using for drinking and other purposes are sea water, which de-salitation and delvered. You can see Hardly a 100 to 200 cow in the hole Muscat that too it can survive only a place which is 1200kms far from the city. But all the people are having milk, curd and milk related products including milk sweets. How they able to produce so much of milk with a scarcity of good water and cows? It is purely a desert.

    What im trying to say is that which ever the company it may be in Tamilnadu, the milk is added with so many bonding agents, which will help to produce more milk, with thick quality and longer duralability. Close your eyes and ears and dont stop drinking milk, Coffee or Tea.


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    Thanks for the eye opener Mr.Paddy you have really given food (milk) for thought!


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