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    About power cut in tamilnadu

    We are meeting a problem every day because of power cut.
    In this type of power cut is affecting the small scale industry in Tamilnadu.
    This kind of industry get a profit only in 3 digit of amount during one day. so now a days their profit is come under 3 digit. They also give a salary to their employee.
    In this difficult situation, they close their company. so thousands of employees have chance to lose their job.
    But Government wont to take any favor solution to this act of power cut. But they increasing the power off time 3 hour.
    If any kind of solution is there? suggest me.

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    Hi friend,

    'There is no lock produced without key', we have to search for the key.There is surely a solution to terminate the name 'Power Cut' from Tamil Nadu.We have splendid resources to make the condition better than ever.
    There are many areas in Tamil Nadu where source of 'wind' is very high.We can generate more power without any considerable losses.It is the best source of power to take the people of Tamil Nadu to lead a problem free life.Our Government should take steps to establish more windmills in the correct areas where wind source is more.

    Another source to wind to overcome the power failure problem is SOLAR.

    with Regards,

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    Hi Arul

    Recently Tamilnadu government especially our CM JJ has taken up power cuts as her next focus and has asked to work out plans on solar energy wherein solar power will be genrated on the highrises like hotels, companies and apartments in the coming days. the only concern is that every the cost of the same is around Rs1.8 lakhs which is a question mark for implementation in apartments as who will shed the money, whereas it will be mandatory for commercial building.

    Hope this solves the problem very soon.


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    First of all, dineshkumar thanks for coming this valuable post, yes you are correct, now a days, powercut problem making big problem in india, but when CM JJ came as cheif minister position, she has taken many steps for solve this problem.

    Previous days, in my area current was only available 18 or 19 hours per day, but now a days currect is available maximum 20 or 21 hours per day, So our chief minister is going to take some steps for this powercut.

    So, this problem definitely will be solve.



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    @Santhosh, It is not at all possible to generate power within 20 days. May be we can see the result in next summer, in case if JJ takes some concrete steps to generate more power. Also Govt shouldn't think about shortage of power as per today. They have to think as a long term since usage of power in TN gets increased much day by day
    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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