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    Corruption in Tamil Nadu

    Initially Southern part of India was supposed to be free from corruption, but now in Tamil Nadu I think corruption is at peak. Every alternate election one party comes in power and start earning money by illegal means and in next election other party gets the chance and do the same.

    It is the time for people of Tamil Nadu to wake up and fight against these odds.
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    They have no faith to come to power by doing good things to people.So they decide to purchase people for price .For that they need money .So they become corrupt.
    We people are against the corruption.For that we oppose the some leaders then and there.We want to eradicate the corruption.For that we praise and expect some leaders.But basically the corruption is the production of this society.It is decided by the policy of the ruling class.And it is implemented by the govts.So if you want to eradicate the corruption we should have the courage to change this society.And attack the policy of ruling parties like liberalisation,globalisation,privatisation etcand fight the govt by collecting people against the policy.Then only we wont to attached to anyone and can oppose anyone when they do mistakes.If all /majority is collected thus then whoever comes to power will get fear.Let us walk in the path.Without this murmuring won't get result.

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    Politics is the highest revenue earning business now these days. Its the curse of our state we need to give chance these two theives every alternate terms. We all suffer memory loss what these theives done for the state in the past. I mean to say how they developed their family or individual with the grace of power. Poor becoming poorer everyday otherhand rich becoming richer. We need more youth to enter politics to cleanup the nation.
    One request to everyone - Pls do not accept any free schemes from any govt. We are not beggers. Instead we shall demand more welfare schemes at the same cost.

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    Corruption is going on its peak with Terabytes speed in Tamil Nadu, Earlier when some one says that they have some thousands of money, he/she will be called as a rich person, it is turned in to lakhs and when we hear the word lakhs in the CTC we feel great, Lakhs also lost somewhere now crores but the charm of the crores is losing very fast, because we our self don't know how many zeros to be added in the amounts possessed by our Tamilnadu politicians.

    Most of the people are aware that they are not immortal and they know that except a one rupee coin in the forehead nothing is going to sent along with them during their final journey. But still these politicians are running behind the money for their future generations, by which they cant able to live a peaceful and complete life where a middle income man enjoys.

    They can't eat much - Because they will be carrying enough ailments with them and they should follow strict diet.

    Apart from their dressing room and their home they can't dress in a good fashion, because only the white and white uniform will attract the mass.
    We should pray the almighty that we should be saved us from all these corrupted mind politicians. And should save Tamilnadu.

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    Hi Dude,

    Corruption is not an enemy to kill in single shot, it is like cancer, you can't can't kill in single shot. we have to start to think, we have to correct our self first.

    Don't blame politicians only. All are having responsibility to vomit this from our place.

    Corruption is there in every where with different face. Some educated persons who is speaking like us, we also doing the same mistake, when ever we are going to Government office , for income certificate or cast certificate we have to pay 50 to 100 RS. But we forget that is their job, they has to give those certificate after doing some investigations. But for their job Government also paying money and we also giving money. This is also corruption only. So don't say only RAJA's Names , when ever we are speaking about corruption we are forgot to see our face.

    I remember recently Supreme court Judge some one said, If we can't exists this corruption means, why we can't make it as a law. we can fix money for this job we have to pay this much money. So that Public wont spent more money.

    So i feel in future it would be happen. Not only in Tamil Nadu all over India.

    Be Ready!

    Best Regards,

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    What Sakthivel said is 100% correct. People also 50% responsible for Corruption.

    @Mani, Can you differentiate Free schemes and Welfare Schemes? I dont see any difference between them.

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    Hi Suresh,
    Welfare schemes - Its is for the needy which really can promote the baseline of the society. ex: Free bus pass, free education for people below povery line, employment for Physically challenged, widows etc. These schemes definitely will bring properity in many people who badly needs.
    Free scheme : Free TV, cable connection, Mixer grider, Fan, Land etc. As per letest information, govt has distributed more than 6.5 million free colour TV sets. can you justify all the 6.5 million TV sets went to people who dont have any TV before in their home ?
    Free land : any status on that ????
    In my opinion free shcemes are other form of bribe which is distributed in public.
    In my opinion people are 100% responsible for the corruption.


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    Missed out few in welfare schemes.
    108 Ambulance service
    Free medical treatment
    Women SHG
    Many more like this


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    wishing you all a pleasant day.

    Corruption is one of the greatest challenges facing the contemporary society. It undermines good governance, distorts public policy, leads to wasting of resources and hampers development. But, most of all, corruption hurts those who can afford it least.

    According to the latest Transparency India report, Tamilians living below the poverty line, pay about Rs 450 per household for bribes, amounting to Rs 98 crores for public government services.Unless there is a strong accountability and deterrence, corruption is here to stay in India.

    that was just an area where corruption is involved. like wise almost all the cases people are asked to pay bribe to get their work done.
    hence some major steps to be taken to get rid of corruption from the root level. for that public awareness is utmost important.

    hope you all would have seen an advertisement in television of TATA Tea. A voice raised against corruption. we must understand the moral of that. We entertain others by paying bribes or offering any service or kind to get our work done. those practice has to be stopped.

    raising voice won't be enough , we should act accordingly and take some healthy and necessary steps like approaching anti corruption departments and taking the help of media to expose the chaps and set an example for others. so that others may not dare to do such kind of dirty jobs.

    However, with the cooperation of the public in general and of the enlightened citizens in particular, corruption can be contained to a significant extent.

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    All the welfare schemes also free schemes only. In day to day life all the Indians are enjoying more and more free schemes. Tax exemption, pension, Subsidiaries for petrol, Gas, etc also free schemes.

    Last sunday (8-May-11) I have seen Neeya Naana in Vijay TV. They discussed in detail about this topic. If you have time download it and see. You will get to know more about this topic. You can download from

    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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