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    Power cut issue in our state...?

    Hi Dude,

    Any one knows why we have frequents of power cut issues in our state?. We our state Government not able to produce power supply with out issue?. What is the solution for this issue?. Did u feel happy if your sun said i studied just like a Abdul Kalam(using of candles) for his exams?. Please tell me what we can do for this?. what would be the exact sollution for this?.

    Best Regards,
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    hai friend,

    Power cut

    is the main problem.In this problem mainly affected normal and medial-class family.Many high class family got a UPS to face the power cut.

    In the Tamilnadu parties announced many like fringe,washing machine and mixe to give the people is not effective the ready to give the "UPS" that Porty will win this election

    in the ADMK pried we don't get this problem. and also we get a profit from field


    1.)In tamil we have a on Golden Word "Thannaku Minji Than Thannamum Tharmamum".

    2.)Many Corruption is going on Electricity producing area so correct them.

    Using this thing we got enough power to use and "Power Cut" word is removed from the dictionary

    Maiyappan @ Tamil
    Enjoy Every Second In Life

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    There is no long term and short term plans to produce electricity.Liberalisation policy makes the govt to think electricity production is not a govt job.So they want to make it private sector.The bribing money is their main they won't product and make people feel govt is bad ;private is best.After that they would permit private sector to produce and govt will buy at higher cost and supply to the people with high charge.They assure 24 hrs current supply for foreign companies while small scale and middle level factories of indians are shut down without current.Windmills,solar,thermal power,water resources should fully utilised and the atomic electricity should be the least source .Japan tsunami accident of atomic energy centre. Govt should take over all private productions and supplied by it judicially

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    yeah you are correct my friend
    in all over the tamil nadu power cut is the usual one
    the EB departments aer not interest to take the action. because our tamil nadu government is adjust the 2g spectrem. in tamil nadu govt would not care these power supply problem.....
    in my area people also affect in this power breakdown....
    our tamil nadu people are suffer from this current cut problem.... the office workers, school children, college students and housewives arer all affect by this problen buddy....
    i think this is the nice topic

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