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    Can exit corruption from india?

    Every one is telling youngsters can exit corruption from our country. But I personally field its not possible to make a way out for corruption. When we had a leaders like Gandiji , Nehru, Kamaraj at the time itself we failed to throw out corruptions in our country. But now we having leaders like Raja's, Hasan Ali's. So is it possible now..?
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    My opine is, The single man not to diminish the corruption. Because he face the lot of problems in his entire life. So he always want to do his job in easy way to give a bribe. The bribe is play a vital role in Indian government. All the fields the Indian Government make corruption. If the any Government work u need, you must give the bribe to the officer. This is the real fact in India.
    Even though we try to avoid bribe during their job.

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    The root of this evil,corruption lay in the system.All are accepted to develop .If one has money all praise him setting aside the way it came to him.It could be eradicated if govt with good policy rule us which could be installed by the people.So the people should be taught what is politics and whom to be elected .Capitalism encourages corruption so we should think against it

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    In my point of view, a single person cant abolish corruption. its is formed basely in our economic system.

    people should be aware of who has to be elected to rule the economy and what is our role in the country, these things should be know by the people.

    Young esters must come to politics.


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    When nobody in either the govt or opposition have any real interest to rradicate corruption we can only dreamof a corruption free nation.see what is happening reg P C A report on 2G scam. The govt was saying PCA enquiry was enough & JPA was not necessary .But now PCA has found fault with PMO / FM which in fact is correct as seen from the way RAASA was allowedto function . everyone in the govt cries foul & rejects the report. IN fact if LORD KRISHNA incarnates now he would have been offered an MP seat in rajya sabha & HE, seeing the scenario might have also accepted!
    The only for iNDIA TO GET RID OF CORRUPTION IS to change it"s name
    may god save india

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    Corruption is like a cancer. No cure for it. But yes it can be controlled. Its purely in the hands of YOUTHS. Every youth should get inspired from Anna Hazare and start to create awareness among rural public. Politicians enjoy the innocence of rural public. Ofcourse they struggle hard to manage their daily livelyhoods and no time to think about these mega scams. We the gen next take the responsibility and create awareness as much as possible. Dont think anything cinematic. Jus start spreading awareness. Dont expect any immediate miracle. But sure we can change it together.
    Jai Hind

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