Get to know each other and develop your contacts!

This forum thread is an outcome of the introduction section already there, where I saw and felt there is a need for some fine tuning required, as this site has started adding many new members in the recent past very rapidly and is developing very fast day to day.

To make this site a success and further for the purpose we have joined, we need to be comfortable first and for which we need to know each other here as this site is for the members, by the members and of the members. Moreover one thing that came to my mind is that many members can also personally benefit from the contacts if there is any mutual interest among them, in the sense people looking out for some business contacts can get in touch with other relevant members or people of the same industry can keep themselves abreast on the latest news and happenings in their particular field.

So I have designed a small format below which I have filled in the details by myself first and request others also to update their details, which will form a record here for already existing members or any new joiner to know about people here. If you feel any other details missed out to be added, please feel free and do so but not sure if email ID can be added.

Name : Kiran Kumar
Age : 30
Gender : Male
Location : Chennai
Occupation : Working
Industry : Telecom
Hobbies : Surfing net and sleeping
Likes : Fun activities
Dislikes : Cricket and Politics
Strength : Patience
Weakness : Patience
Short Goal : Business
Long Goal : To retire soon in life
Interest : Innovation and creativity
Favorite : Comedy films
Quote : Happy Go Lucky

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