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    Top Earners

    Congrats to the Top Earners of Tamilspider, I would like to know this earnings is for any particular period for from the time of joining till date and who are the top earners from Google Adsense and Kontera.

    Top Earners request you to please share your comments on the same as to how you were able to succeed in these sites and give us some your valuable suggestions.

    Google Adsense
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    Dear Friend,

    I appreciate you for your concurrent effort to ask questions an shre your ideas with the members of TSR. The TSR is a good revenue generating web site in the Spiders network. The persons like Kranthi, Balu, Sanjeev are taking good effort to this site. There are many top earners are available in this TamilSpider. I would like to suggest some guideline to earn more in this TSR.

    1. As a member of TSR, We should have enough knowledge knowing about various sections available in TSR.

    2. We should know the entire posting guidelines for the various sections like resource, Business Directory and others.

    3. The consistent effort and making good contribution is most important in TSR.

    4. The sharing of our knowledge through the forums is also most important in TSR.

    5. The posting of Tamilnadu related articles will give more revenue in our TSR.

    6. We should improve our communication and knowledge in English will be a source for earning more revenue.

    7. We should follow the follow the rules, regulations and guidelines which are given by the Web master to get more money in this TSR.

    With regards,

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    Hi, Thanks for your input, but sorry I dont think you have understood my question as its not answered to the questions raised by me, request you to be specific with facts and data else leave it to the well known to answer so that this thread is clean and to the point whcih will be helpful for other members too, i urge other members also to participate in important discussions like this and contribute what ever you know or ask to the webmaster if you require any clarification on the doubts if any.

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    Hi Kiran,

    TSR is a good site for earning money. I have joined this site 1 month back and I got partnership share. If you are active you will be getting your partnership share for this month. The earnings is not for any time period, you have to post resources regularly and you should wait for atleast 1 month so that your adsense will raise.

    You can post resources in all sections but everything should be related to Tamilnadu.

    To get good traffic post the below mentioned resources:
    1. About Tamilnadu elections.

    2. Admission notifications related to Tamilnadu.

    3. Post the topics given for the week and you will get good traffic.

    4. New movie reviews.

    5. Profile of actors, actresses or any famous personalities.

    6. Tourist attractions in Tamilnadu.

    7. You can also post your mom's traditional recipes.

    Visit the link to know about the top posts in TSR.
    Visit the link below to know about resource posting guidelines:



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    Hi Mangala,

    Thanks for your reply i read all the posting guidelines and i have learned to post effectively, but i also like to know the internal working of Google Adsense and kontera in this site and how it lets us earn money and how much approximately or if the same can be mentioned in the site with names of earners we can go and check what all theyhave posted and how much they have earned out of it to get a clear idea on the same. Since as of now it all looks vague for me when it said by all that we can earn a lot from posting resources.


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    Hello Kiran Kumar,
    What Manoharan & Mangala told is absolutely right. See when I first joined in this site, I used to get very low adsense earnings, I mean it is not even 10$ per day. I'm in same phase as you many guys are now. But, Sandy sir helped me a lot and he used to guide me in my journey. In the month of February(28days) my adsense earnings increased that you cannot even imagine and that money mainly came form Tamilspider articles. As, you know, this is additional amount of normal earnings from earnings form the site(Partnership + articles cash credits).I can promise you one thing, you guys will definitely the receive the fruits for your hardwork.

    See, my point is simple! As a Webmaster of this site, I'm always here to help you. Feel free to contact me and always. But I have a request, always follow what I say. Spend some time in posting resources rather than asking questions.

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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