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    Clarification required on posting and earning points

    From the time I have joined this site i have notice one thing on which a clarification and guidance form the webmaster, there are few members who just for the same of earning points and getting up the ladder of member ranking keep posting meaninglessly by way of answering to all the forum threads whichever is being created by other members, which I find has no value other than just increasing their own member level.

    So just wanted to know whether its encouraged here to post in all forums and gain points or how is the actual wau of earning from this site as I'm unable to see a clear goal of earning here, so just wanted to get it clarified which is better than wondering what to do.

    Moreover it will be great if the site senior members share their success and give us some tips how to make the best use of site, also request Webmaster to update the latest happenings of the site.

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    Dear friend,

    The posting of articles and discussion in the forum in TSR is a separate art of interest. We can post any number of articles and share our views in this forum. There is no limit in posting and make discussion in the forum. As much as we are taking effort, we can earn from this site. So, The consistence of effort will makes us a great man in this site.

    with regards,

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    Mr.Manoharan you are the ultimate, now I know how you have answers for all the forum post, as mentioned by you it's truly a separate art of interest, which we all should learn. Why don't you post an separate article elsewhere exclusively on the art of interest for the benefit of all the members of this site.


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    Dear Friend,

    Thank you for your immediate response to my message in the forum. The art of interest is nothing but it should come by regular practice and positive attitude. We have to eliminate the negative attitude within us to make transparent communication. The good effort and consistency in work also will makes to do good things.

    One more thing is that, the work ethics what we are following is more important. So, if we concentrate on few things little bit, We can achieve more and more thing in our life.

    With regards

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    Though your thoughts are far from my understanding, I need to appreciate your positive attitude and not to forget your Art of Interest, keep posting more and more as usual.


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