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    City life vs Village life


    Which place you want to live in? Whether you want a city life or village life?
    Discuss about their advantages and disadvantages.
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    Hai Syed

    It is very interesting to talk about City life vs Village life. I have experienced both extremes, I mean the rural village and metropolitan city life. There is a countless difference City life and Village life.
    First culture and behavior of people.
    Second living environment
    Heavy Pollution in city life etc.


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    If you have enough money go and settle down in village for a pollution free and tension free healthy life, else be in city and earn for the living.


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    Dear friends,

    The topic is more interesting to discuss. I got both the experience of living. The Village life is more comfortable than city life. Both are having few advantages and disadvantages.

    Advantages of village life
    1. By living in the village, We can get good water, natural Air and fresh vegetables to eat.
    2. In Villages, the peoples will cooperate in all the way and having good helping mind.
    3. We can get good milk and earn more by our business or through the agriculture with minimum living cost. The cost of living is less when compare to city.
    Disadvantages of Village life
    1. When we are living in the remote village, the communications to the outside world is impossible. But today many TVs are available.
    2. To get good education, We have to go for long distance from the village.
    3. The medical facility and hospital facility is very less in villages.
    4. To get modern and other life styles are limited in the village.
    Advantages of city life
    1. The city is more comfortable with all basic needs like education, Health care and others.
    2. The city life is good for the modern peoples to go for other life styles.
    3. Ease of communication is possible to the outside world from the city.
    Disadvantages of City life
    1. The city life is always polluted by the more vehicles and transport.
    2. The neighbor makes some restrictions to help to others in the city.
    3. Many other problem in getting good air, fresh vegetables in the city life.

    With regards.

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    Rural life is always pleasant. Experiences in villages always memorable but city life is not meant for life but just life pass.
    imagination rules the world - Albert Einstein.

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    Simply i say

    "City Life Give Money, Electronic life

    Village life give a Nature Life,love,relations,happiness, Enjoyment, pure air,water and peaceful life to All "


    Maiyappan @ Tamil

    Maiyappan @ Tamil
    Enjoy Every Second In Life

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