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    Nowadays movies are not reaching 100 days . Why?

    In olden days, the film " Haridas" was said to be houseful everyday for more than two years in the same theatre. There is no such film today. Why?
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    Shrimathy i will blame it on the technology and other activities which keep the people engaged a lot with so many other things in life, in those days entertainment was going to theatre or visitng the beach, whereas now the whole concept has changed, people have been glued to social networking sites or maybe we can say to the internet.

    Going to theatre has become rare as nowadays piracy has also cropped in which allows you to sit at home and watch the movie at your convenient time and place. No more worrying about booking tickets or parking lot.

    Mobile is one such thing, it has become more important than oxygen if people forget their mobile(which is impossible) they will die if they cannot reach to get their hands on it immediately, as if nowadays people life is connected to the sim card they use in their mobile, if you want to kill some one there is no need to use black magic just hold their black mobile in front of them and threaten to throw it in the well nearby, which will make them jump into the well before you could throw it there.

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    Nowadays many films are just made for name sake. They don't have a good script. But still want to make it as a film. Arrival of new faces is also a main reason for this. I am not telling that new faces should not come in cinema. But their talents should be exposed in such a way that they get popular.

    Taking films with a large budget will not make it to run for over 100 days. Instead, even if it is taken at a low budget it should have a useful message to the public.

    Practice makes perfect..

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    Dear all,

    In olden days, when we take entertainment, there was no other entertainment except cinema theatres or drama stages. So people do not have any other option, either they have to visit cinema theatres or any auditorium for watching drama.

    But Nowadays, it is not so. There are vast entertainment options available in finger tips. Theme parks, malls and other variety shopping complexes are there to spend time for the youngsters and family members. Hence wide options are available among the people, no need to stick on the movie side.

    The next reason is, quality of movies is very less in number. Movies with masala and with same story made people to avoid to go theatres. Even if they found any movie is good, then it is available in online or VCD itself. So they are watching movies in their home itself.

    When people want to go theatres, expense is more. For new movies, the minimum ticket rate is Rs.100/- and maximum goes to Rs.500/- and more. Then snacks items cost seperately. So when a family wants to go theatre, they have to keep 1000 rupee notes in their money purse.

    The other and main reason is, nowadays no movies can be watched with family members. But in olden days, all the family members will use to go for a movie to watch till the end. But today, it is not so. I heard that during interval itself, some people will come out of the theatre. Violence and other masala items destroys the quality of a movie.

    So in my opinion, the above reasons plays a vital role for a movie without making 100 days in a theatre.


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