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    Chat - safe or unsafe?

    Is chatting online safe or unsafe?
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    Dear friend,

    We cannot say blindly chat is unsafe. Chat is something like knife. It depends on who uses the knife. If a doctor takes it, it will save one life, otherwise if a killer takes that knife, it will kill one life. So we cannot blame the knife.

    Like that, depends on the person, the opinion varies. Chating just to interact the opposite sex should be bad thing. As so many technologies improving day by day including video chating, we should use it in a proper way.

    We can use chat to discuss the current trends in our country, about new technologies, how to improve our society, like it will change the mentality of the people.

    So it is clear that using chat in a proper way is safe for everybody.


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    100% i agree with venkata..

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    The advanced technologies gives us more freedom to do useful/good things for us as well as it has the bad things too, it is our choice to choose the right one in correct way. Sitting one place comfortability we can interact with anyone whom we associated and what way we want to use this advanced techonoliges is also in our hand.


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    Venkatasubramani and Srinivasan had given the detailed view of the chat. It is infact truth too. There are advantage and disvantage when we chat. I have seen that many of my friends had got many new good friends through chat. Also i have heard that chat is not good. So, it is all dependent on how we take the things in our life. But chat is very good technology through which we can communicate to many people from one place without travelling.

    Surya Selvaraj

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    It is well said Mr.Venkatasubramani. It is depending upon the purpose. There are various advantages and disadvantages in chatting online.

    Practice makes perfect..

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    The society wants to do bad things when they are alone and in need,So ladies should be more careful than boys.Giving all original details and photos wont help much Beware of culprits using them for their end as the loss would maximum to the ladies as this society is male chauvinistic

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    Hi Dude,

    Chat has invented for time pass purpose who wants to share some thing to some one. Even this link Tamil Spider also using one type chating only.

    chating means sharing some information/knowledge with some one. When you addict for that then it would be problem. and speaking with opposite gender is not that much bad. because now a days we have Tec like face to face chat also. So there is no chance to cheat you.cheating some one or cheating by some one is depends on your mentality.

    we can't say all are good guys. at the same time we can't say all are bad guys.

    again its your mentality choosing some one who you trust is in your hands.

    feel good, be good, every thing would be good.

    Best Regards,

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