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    Resource posting guidelines for TSR - Please do read and follow

    Hello members,
    The reason to write these guidelines is because I am unable to understand where I'm going wrong. After spending some quality of time in chatting, you still repeat the same mistakes. I feel that it is my mistake and clearly reflects that I'm not guiding you people properly. Yet again, I'm trying! Here are some guidelines which I request you to follow.

    1. DO NOT to use the same keyword too many times in title.
    2. NO special characters
    3. Title should be meaningful one sentence.
    4. Always write the place and "Tamilnadu" in meaningful manner in title.
    5. Always specify the role of the person

    Let me give you some WRONG TITLES
    1. IPL-4 Chennai Kings - History of CSK team Previous Matches of CSK The team squad of CSK
    2. B.S. Abdur Rahman University B. Arch admissions 2011
    3. Biography of Surya

    See, there is no point of using the word CSK many times in Title. It is clearly spamming title with the main keyword. The correct title is
    "IPL history of Chennai Super Kings & details about previous matches and IPL 4 team squad."

    If you observe, this title has a same meaning with the wrong title. Title like "B.S. Abdur Rahman University B. Arch admissions 2011" is also wrong. I have been stressing about this point many times and no one seems to follow it. The correct form is
    "B.S. Abdur Rahman University B. Arch admissions 2011 Chennai, Tamilnadu".

    The same formula goes with this "List of Flowers Shops in Tirupur". How can Google know that Tirupur is in Tamilnadu and how it shows our site when some one searches about it? The correct form is
    "List of Flowers Shops in Tirupur, Tamilnadu".

    NEVER EVER use the same titles for different resources. The titles like "Government Hospitals in Chennai, TamilNadu - Part 1. Government Hospitals in Chennai, TamilNadu - Part 2. Government Hospitals in Chennai, TamilNadu - Part 3 are absolutly wrong.

    Use bold "b" tag only for the keywords. For example if you have use "b" tag for words like Name, date of birth, father name, people for a profile of Tamil actor Karthi, it is wrong. I don't think no one search for these kind a words in Google particularly when they are searching for Tamil actor Karthi. Please do think about it! I have seen many people writing "Personal details", "Awards", "Career" as subtitles. Please DO NOT do this rather write it completely. Think, when you want to know about, lets say awards of Tamil actor Surya! Will you just search "Awards" in Google? No rite? You may search for
    "Awards of Kollywood actor Surya" or "Actor Surya Awards" or "Karthi brother Surya Awards"
    something like this! This is what I'm asking you to write as subtitles.

    Write unique and very thematic content according to keyword and theme of the page. The first and most important step to write a good article is to find out a list of suitable and most searched keywords. For example if you are writing about some institute, and if the institute has a short form please use it. I think no person will search for full name in the website. For example "This resource provides you all the informations regarding the Indian Institute of Technology of Madras M.Sc admissions 2011 in Mathematics"

    Please think! who is search for this full name in Google? Our main aim is to use keywords where people normally searches in Google and there is no point of using full name in resource many times The correct form is

    IIT Madras M.Sc admissions 2011 in Mathematics

    This is valid for all resources. Please think in visitor perspective!

    Using proper keywords
    Make a good research before posting an article. It is always good to search targeting keywords for your resource/article. My point is simple, always use keywords which are searched by users and which will generate traffic to site. For example, "This yoga class is conducted by Atma Gnana Yoga and conduct person is Lakshmi Mony. It starts on 04 April and ends on 13 April. 1 to 16 year children can attend this class."
    "This Summer yoga class in Chennai is conducted by Atma Gnana Yoga and conduct person is Lakshmi Mony.
    This Yoga class starts on 04 April and ends on 13 April. 1 to 16 year children can attend this class."

    This is how we have to use the important words, small alterations makes a big change.
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    Excellent Kranthi Kiran. This thread of yours is a spectacular, eye opening thread to every one. You have made each and every point clear.

    Apart from title, Summary part is also all the most important, so members have to pay attention to it not to stuff unnecessary keywords on it and try to write the summary part with some meaningful description of what your resource is all about and which should be catchy enough to attract visitors to our site.

    I request all of you to kindly go through the above guidelines and try to adhere to the policies of google and spidersites.

    Friends if we follow the guidelines given by our Webmaster, it will not only do good to our site, but also fetch you handsome earnings to you and also you can safe guard your adsense account.


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    Hi Kiran,

    It is indeed a good approach which you have suggested. All our Tamil Spider members can go through this section and post their contents accordingly. This will definitely help them in not only the posting the contents with good quality but also helps them in earning the good amount for their valuable posts. Thank you so much for your efforts taken to improve our TamilSpider site. Hope our TSR will follow these suggestion and get benefited.

    Surya Selvaraj

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    Hi Kiran,

    Excellent job done by you. It is a very useful information/guidance for TSR members for posting thier contents in a proper way. TSR members will use this information to post their contents in bestway.

    Thanks a lot....

    With regards

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