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    Is Tamilnadu famous for dowry system?

    Though we have developed in various fields people still have the practice of asking dowry just like old days. Discuss your views.
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    The practice of dowry is being followed from the old days. Asking dowry for marriage is not a good thing. Its like getting a price for marrying a girl. This should be avoided.

    Although it is more prevalent among all states of India, it is very common in Tamil Nadu.

    Practice makes perfect..

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    Hi Syed Rizwan,

    As you have said the practice of dowry is still practiced in Tamilnadu. Though the girls are equally educated and earn like the boys they have to give dowry.


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    Dear Friends,

    The buying of dowry system is there in Tamil Nadu till date. This system is mostly implemented by the Gounder community in Tamil nadu.
    As per my view, The buying of dowry is not good. It shows the inability of a man to earn and save his wife. Many persons get dowry in the form of gold, Cash, cars and house also.

    The educated persons also gets the dowry. I don't know, why this system is there. Both men and women are equally share the life.

    With regards,


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    Hai S.Manoharan

    Yes buying dowry system is still followed in Tamilnadu. In some cities people consider giving dowry is prestige issue. It is o.k for the girls from wealthy families but think of the middle class and poor daily wage workers family situation.
    Tamilnadu Government should implement necessary steps to stop this dowry system.


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    Dear friends,

    Dowry system is not only famous in Tamilnadu, even in Andhrapradesh, dowry is based on the groom's educational and job / business status. If the boy is a doctor, then it is one rate, if he is an engineer, the rate is different. Like that it varies.

    When coming to Tamilnadu, there are so many caste like nadar, vanniar, mudhaliar, etc. All the people in this caste are asking dowry to show their status. Even if the boy does not want dowry, but the parents are very much interested to ask dowry. In some cases, if they did not ask dowry, they girl's family may think whether the boy is having any health or some other problem. Whether they are thinking or not, the boy's family may think that the girl's family will feel.
    So the dowry system has having so many reasons.


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    Hi All,

    I do agree that still dowry system is in existence in Tamilnadu. But getting dowry is now reduced when comapred to the olden days. But in some places, the people from girl side are only interested to provide the dowry. Then in this case how we are going to avoid this system. Though the people tell that girls and boys are considered equally, still this dowry system is not avoided.

    Surya Selvaraj

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    I have been personally had the experience of dowry....the guy was from place near jkanyakumari..i feel personaly nadars from down south especially kanyakumari are the ones who ask more fact my marriage got stopped just a day before the fixed date beacause the guy's family had wanted car in addition to the dowry already promised..hence they had a idea that if the day before they make any demands their demands would be met...i never thought the guy would be sooooo dead cheap.. i mean choosing money over love.....he acted good throuhout to me like he never asked for the car and only his relative had made the demand till the day before he showed his true fact iam reaaly ashamed to be born in such a community where dowry is given such huge importance though the girl is in no way inferior to the boy in education......

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    I'm also the person, who against the dowry. But sometime i'm favor to dowry.
    Why you people view in different way?
    I have a another view, dowry is accept. Because every single girl wants to mary a luxurious person. The girl anticipate all various things among the mens. And she'll has selected a matched person for her. Because her future will have been fully depend on that man. After her marriage the girl will fully depent upon men. So the man will work for his family.
    I accept girl also go for work now a days. Eventhough the family need more financial support for their mutual life. So dowry will give support for them.
    If you can different thinker, you will get another answer also.
    I also want to give some advise through this post. If wife's house eager to give a dowry, dowry may attain the legal stage. Don't get the afraid dowry from wife's house. It is criminate act as per law.


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    Hi All,

    In ancient times dowry was given for girls support. Girls may feel shy to use other things so she get his own things to the home she goes.
    But now it was made like a business. Many marriages has stopped due to this dowry system. Many Mans choosing their girl by the dowry they provide. They are searching for family that can provide huge dowry. This is rubbish. Don't search women by dowry.


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