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    Members need encouragement!

    I suggest Tamilspider to encourage members by way of leaving a note at appropriate time to boost them and to correct any mistakes they do here.

    By this I mean to say that since I'm new here and have been posting many things, I need to know how I'm being assessed and whether I'm doing right things, am I allowed to continue posting in the same fashion or I need to bring about any changes?

    Since this may be the first time for many here who are getting a chance to write so much themselves they need to get evaluated both in terms of their English as well on the content they contribute, I feel the more and more I post my writing is getting better, if not there should be guidance from the site to fine tune us to the correct mode. Anyways I should thank Tamilspider for giving me a platform to display my writing skills which is becoming a serious hobby now and I'm loving it.

    Thanks once again as I never knew before landing here that I can write like this, maybe a hidden talent is getting discovered because of this site!

    Happy Health Day

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    Hello Kiran Kumar,
    We are always here to help you! If you have any doubts regarding TSR, you can directly contact me in G talk. Please feel free to contact me any time. My ID is My ID is urskranthi[dot]kiran[at]gmail[dot]com.

    And please remove the "B" tags in your post. "B" tag should be used only for the keyword. I will explain this in detail once you contact me.

    A S Kranthi Kiran

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    Hi Kranthi Kiran

    I have removed the B tags as adviced, sure I will contact you for more details.


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    Dear Friends,
    The Tamil Spider team always encourage us in posting the articles.They are doing lot of work for us. For example, Mr.Kranthi always motivate us and provides proper guidelines to us about the posting the articles. I had many chance to chat with Kranthi, He always having patience to explain the mistakes that we are doing at the time of posting the articles.
    Further, We must coordinate to the team members and give our full support to the team members to improve the TSR performance in future.
    So, We are all have to work to bring the TSR as the number one among other spiders in India.

    with regards,

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    Hi Kiran Kumar,

    I can say that we have the best webmaster to this site who is there to help the members or clarify their doubts. You can contact him in gtalk and clarify your doubts. I frequently used to chat with him to clarify my doubts. He helped me a lot to optimize my posts effectively in order to be searched in google.

    You can know more about him once you get a chance to chat wth him.



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    Hi Friends

    Yes surely i will contact him over Gtalk, but I did not mean to say there is no support as its always there, i mean to say motivation which will not only drive the author but others also to post more effectively as it will be learning for other members too and not only that this site can improve a lot if it becomes interactive is my opinion.

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    I see webmaster of Tamilspider always active and leave no stone unturned not only to encourage members but also guide them properly how to post well optimized posts.

    I am glad to say that in spite of not being very active at this site for last few months, I still get very good adsense revenue from my earlier posts. The credit of this achievement goes to webmaster too, because of their constant effort and hard work the site has got a good reputation in search engine.

    Kaveri Jha

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    Hello Kiran Kumar,

    As a newbie your question is right. It's quite natural for a new member to have doubts whether he/she is going on a right track. But you can rest assured that your work here will be fine tuned by our editor and Webmaster of TSR.

    Also here we have some good team members who will encourage you always and guide you at times of need. Due to my time constraints I am not able to be much active here. But often I do visit here and look for forums and articles over here. You are doing great.

    Just my suggestion to you is that, try to concentrate more on Tamil Nadu related articles than general topics which would fetch you more revenue. All the best for your future posts.


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    Hi Sowmya

    Thanks for the appreciation for my work here, its great to hear from seniors like you.

    Sure i will take all your feedbacks and will work on it and yes i'm getting full cooperation from the site too, Special Thanks to Mr.Kranthi Kiran.


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    Hi Kiran,

    You know, when i joined this site i was not aware of anything. Because i did not join this site by any referral. When i was browsing i saw this site and i felt that Tamilspider is interesting and that is how i joined. As you know, as a new joinee i was not that comfortable and i was not aware about the posts that i posted were correct or not. But for every posts when it gets approved with some good points and infact with cash credits i felt so happy. And to go that level, our webmaster had helped me a lot and also encouraged. One more great thing what we have in our Tamilspider site is Member Of the Day Award and the revenue share bonus.

    Surya Selvaraj

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    Yes Mr.Surya i agree completely with you as i also came to know about ths site like that only and i also feel very happy seeing the points and cash credit i earn from each post which is very encouraging, Thanks for the team behind this site.


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    Hi Kiran,

    Good to hear that you are feeling comfortable and encouraged for the feedback on your posts. Keep posting good and valuable contents and earn well.

    Raja Selvaraj

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    Hi kiran,

    As everybody said, you will get best support here. When I struggled to post articles, webmaster helped me a lot. He is just behaving like a friend. He came to personal chat and clarified my doubts. He also encouraged me a lot. This makes me to correct my mistakes and tends me to write more.

    So Whatever help and support you need, be free and write in the forum. Our members and webmaster always here to help.


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    Hi Friends

    Thanks a lot for the positive feedback about this site, its really motivating and tells how far this site has gone into moulding a lot of people here to earn from this site. Hope to start earning soon with the help of all here.

    Google Adsense


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