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    Bharat Ratna for Sachin

    Hi guys, This is my first posting. Last couple of days, everyone is talking about Bharat Ratna for Sachin. The discussion is not on whether Sachin is elligible for Bharat Ratna or not. Wanted to instigate a different dimension of discussion, are we extremely emotional and sentimental towards the success of Indian cricket team and clinching world cup.
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    there is nothing wrong in giving an awrd to him bcoz he s playing for the country from the age of 18.... he came in many ads too but no add s like alcholic drink r so... he came oly in good adds... he have some restriction for himself in choosing his adds tooo

    with regards

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    Dear friends,

    As per my opinion and up to the level of my knowledge, Mr.Sachin Tendulkar is an opted person to get the Award of "Bharatha Ratna". He has contributed many things and got many awards from various resources during the past 25 years.

    He has performed various world records in Cricket which can not be broken by others in that field.He made good contribution to get the ICC cricket world cup 2011. He also had received many famous Indian awards already. So, He is a suitable person to receive the "Bharatha Ratna" Award.

    With regards,

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    Sachin Tendulkar is 200 percent eligible for getting Bharat Ratna Award.
    He has done almost everything that a best cricketer can do in his lifetime.

    He has served the Indian cricket team for more than 21 years and is still contributing. No one has did this before. So, definitely he deserves Bharat Ratna Award.

    Practice makes perfect..

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    If you look into my thread in depth, my question is not on Is Sachin elligible for Bharat ratna. My question is on, are we not emotional and sentimental on our world cup success.

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    Yes, Indians are emotional and sentimental to our world cup as it was won after a gap of 28 years. They had been looking forward to it as they though that this Indian team had a real chance to win the cup.
    Naturally they were excited and emotional that their dream had come true.



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    Indians are very happy and emotional on the success of word cup 2011.
    It is a good suggestion put by M.S.Dhoni to give Bharat Ratna for Indian Cricket God Sachin Tendulkar.


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    Leave alone Sachin's contribution towards cricket but just have a look at his level headedness. In my oinion I have never seen him lost his humility anytime. Just think of this - even when we play some cricket in our local area, our emotions tend to rule us and we often get over excited, dance and make fun of opponents, think we are the best (and what not we do??) when we achieve something! Hats off to Sachin, he has re-written all the recor books but still he is grounded as ever looking to learn something.If there is one individual who really deserves a Bharat Ratna, Sachin would top the list for sure.

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    Hi friend,

    The Bharat Ratna is given to the superior people of its field.If this is the case,Sachin Tendulkar will own a Bharat Ratna every time.But it is not possible according to the rules.He is that much dedicated towards his field.He is really a person to admire.

    His dedication started at the age of 10 and came to known to the world of 16,now even after reaching 39,he continues the same.Hats off to Sachin.He should be awarded The Bharat Ratna.The award will get honored if he get that award for his dedication.

    with regards,

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