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    Don not believe on free promises by politicians

    As a citizen, we should vote. it is mandatory..we should not consider crowd time etc. Next then we are going to vote...towhome to vote? we never ever considers these frees like mixer , grinder, land , TV etc...

    Now a days these policians are thinkining tamilians are foolish.. They are offering mixer, grinder etc...we should not believe on that... why can't they say " we build a factory in each districs and give jobs to every body"

    So this time we need to give very good judgment.
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    You are absoultely right, tell the politicians of Tamil Nadu to build factories in undeveloped area with good infractures. Encourage for small scale industries to set up factories by supporting technical and financial aids. Do more development for the state and fullfill the unemployment problems in T.N.


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    Dear friend,

    I agreed with your point. Many political parties announces many free schemes like Mixi,Grinder etcc just for getting the votes of poor peoples. They think that the Tamil Nadu peoples always like free schemes so that we can easily get votes just by announcing free schemes.So, The people of Tamil nadu should analyze the parties and cast their votes to the right party in this Tamil Elections 2011.

    with regards,

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    Hi Velmurugan,

    I agree your views about politicians. They are making the people fools in the election announcements they also use punch dialogues during their campaign. Poverty is the no. 1 problem in Tamilnadu. We hear news about babies starving to death.

    Politicians please please do something good for the people TV is not a basic necessity to lead a life. I think you might have learned in your school days that "For a man to do his living he need food, shelter and clothes" first try to eradicate the poverty and let the man get his basic needs Television sets are in no way the basic need.

    Try to select a good person who has atleast a basic qualification.


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    Industrialisation,small scale industries are some aspects of the good governance.But we are expecting from DMK/ ADMK .Is it correct?They will never walk in this path.Then if you reject these mixi,TV ,gold ,cow ,etc then what would be happen to that amount earmarked for these so called freebies.They will loot that also.So i do not oppose freebies.After all they are not freebies.It is mymoney taxed by the govt wrongly from poor.So it is a minimum share of my money returned to me.
    At the same time you are having any statistics on right off tax,waiving of direct taxes,subsidy amount to help import /export/industrialisation,etc for the rich of our country?,This amount is not freebies?there is not a single voice against this in the media.
    In short the huge amount given to rich means inducement but the minimum amount given to the poor is freebie ,We have to change our view,i suppose.

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