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    Youngster in politics

    What is the phase of youngster about poltics?

    my ans: they losing their identity in normal life.
    fear, underworld connection, and unsecured life. this are the things comes in youngster mind. Is this rite?
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    Hello Mr.Kreskarthik there is no youngster or Old Star in politics as anybody can compete but the problem is its not a clean ground to play in, i mean you need to have political or film industry or monetary influence to get into it and moreover as mentioned by not of politics involved within politics and one wrong move can land you in big trouble though all the moves are wrong in politics is a different issue, that's why our Superstar Rajnikanth is far away from this.

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    politics is politics.Why should you want to play safely?if this was the thinking of gandhiji could we freed ?Face all good and bad.Every men has to enter politics as it decides all of our things of lives.There is no bar in age.Our society is improving.So take a part to improve.Our society is lacking of improvement.Then try hard to improve.Around us we can see bad things which are the products of our politics.Then fight to correct it.This society gives some people better life than they deserve.They wont allow you to correct today's position which means them loss.So they will not allow you to correct today's position.They will attack you.You face it.If you have to give your life it is the sacrifice to our is all in the game play it.
    So it is not correct to enter politics only to get power or gain

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    hope everyone knew / seen Ajith's movie "Ji". They told very well about what will happen if youngsters enter in politics.
    Suresh Kumar R.
    Engal Vazhvum Engal Valamum Mangaadha Tamizh Endru Sangae Muzhanku

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    youngsters can do every thing what every they want. But the real thing is they were staying behind of old people and they were following those old guys words which is guiding them to wrong way. We should guide our self and by our own toughs. If you follows any ones words, some times you has to loose your self either if it politics or any other fields. Don't worry about bad or good things before entering into that fields. What ever it is, try to get inside and fight for your place. Thing about Old mans, How they are standing, and they didn't start they are politics in their old age. If they are stating long time means why we can't.

    Think positive ....!

    Best Regards,

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