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Foods and Drinks in summer

Posted Date: 01 Apr 2011      Posted By:: S.Manoharan Profile photo    Member Level: Gold  Member Rank: 1     Points: 1   Responses: 6

What kind of Foods and Drinks is good in Summer?


#3415    Author: T Syed Rizwan      Member Level: Gold      Member Rank: 0     Date: 01/Apr/2011   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 3


The level of heat is rising every year. Hence there is a necessary for everyone to take foods which can relieve us from some heat.

Watermelon is a fruit which should be taken during summer. It reduces heat in the body. And butter milk is another one which should be taken.
Avoiding non-veg food is a good option in this summer.

Practice makes perfect..

#3417    Author: kavitha gopal      Member Level: Gold      Member Rank: 0     Date: 01/Apr/2011   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 2

Hai Syed

All kinds of fruits are good for heat. It is better having the fruit juices then the fruit slices. You should take more watery fruits like water melon, orange and grapes, it is good for health to reduce the heat of the body.


#3440    Author: E. Mangala      Member Level: Gold      Member Rank: 0     Date: 02/Apr/2011   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 4

This is a very good question because now we are in the summer season.

The best foods for summer are as follows:

All kinds of fruits such as watermelon,orange, apples, mukmelon, grapes, etc.

Vegetables like cabbage, carrot, peerkangai, etc.

All types of greens such as spinach, sirikeerai, etc.

The best drinks for summer are as follows:

All the fruit juices are good for this summer season.

Tender coconut water is particularly good, try to have this daily.

Drink atleast a cup of milk in the night.


#3441    Author: shrimathy      Member Level: Gold      Member Rank: 0     Date: 02/Apr/2011   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 2

Soak a tablespoon of fengu greek (Vendayam) at night. Next morning, have that alongwith water or buttermilk in an empty stomach. This will keep our body cool during summer. Also fruit juices, tender coconut etc, will also maintain our health during this summer season.

#4241    Author: Arul Frances      Member Level: Gold      Member Rank: 0     Date: 02/Jun/2011   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 3

Hi friend,
The important things to note in the summer time is that to regain the lost salts everyday through sweat and evaporation.
The drinks like lessi,fruit juices,tender coconut water,lemon juice etc., serves best as a enhancer of body salts.
The fruits like water melon,grape,melon musk,peaches,pine apple etc., serves as better salt booster for sunny season.

#4312    Author: santhoshkumar.A      Member Level: Silver      Member Rank: 0     Date: 04/Jun/2011   Rating: 2 out of 52 out of 5     Points: 2

Thanks for coming this valuable forum. Nice question, my answer is artificial food or drinks are not healthy for this summer. Just drink some fruit juice, it will help to bear the hot summer and eat some cool foods, in this summer. and one important think is, take more waters in summer time, it will surely help to stable your health.

Have a nice summer,


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