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    Election commission

    The election commission bans posters,wall writings banners etc.What is the purpose of this.Indirectly it gives chance to money having candidates to win.Poors who want ot come to politics with their good policy and hard work could not propaganda their views.Others are having TV channels and give money directly.So it may look as good .But it push poor away from
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    The Election Commission banned the posters, banners,etc., due to the fact that they will disturb public a lot. Large number of persons are involved in this and also huge money is spent on this. So, I think it may for giving money directly.

    Practice makes perfect..

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    Dear friends,

    The decision taken by the Election Commission of Tamil Nadu for banned the posters, banners,etc are good. Because, The persons those who are having more money expenses more for the Posters and banners etc.. But, the Poor candidates can't make more expenses for the posters and banners. The candidate can go directly to the voters area and then they collect the votes. This system of gathering votes is good. This gives a chance to see the candidate while they are going directly.

    One more thing is that The advertisement through the posters and Banners also will create great mass to the candidates as per the political party influence. So, we can see the real sense of humor in persons and the strength of the candidate by avoiding the posters and banners in the Tamil nadu Assembly Elections 2011. So, We should appreciate this decision taken by the Tamil nadu election Commission.

    Apart from that, The Election Commission is very strict in this time to watch all political parties activities. So, The money transfer to the voters are also controlled in this election.

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    Active member. TSR.

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    It is a good decision/ step taken by EC by banning the poster, banners. It is utter waste of posters by using paper, which will save the money and waste of paper. All around the world, trying for paperless work to aviod wasting of papers which is made from trees.

    Hence it is better not to waste the papers.


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    Then all political parties or candidates should be given equal opportunity to canvass through media like newspapers and tv channels .Poor good candidates can print a poster.but could he propagate in channels ? So ,if you want to come to politics ,you should have channels.otherwise why are you coming politics?it is the game of rich men like education,treatment and politics.contestants should play on equal status.Then only we can call this democracy.

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    EC done a great job when compare to previous elections. This is the first time we were saw election with out too noisy and with out any disturbance to the public. Banners and Posters won't show the real characters of candidates, and public we should aware of those people who is coming to your area for campaign purpose. we should start to think and we have deviate people who is really supporting for public. Don't be stand beside of banners and posters.

    We can't say EC stopped 100% money transfers. But they showed the real power of EC, and politicians also didn't gave money directly. So its real good thing this time. We can expect few more features from EC in future.

    Heads of EC..!

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    There is improvement ,I agree.But it is not enough.From the point of view of democracy,all political parties should be given equal opportunity to tell the people what they will do if elected,what did they do in yester years for the cause of the people .Yes walls are clean ,no banners ,no sound..ok.what is the use?If a party ,a good party worked for the people and having good policy want to say to the people how can they do?All fraud parties ,of course,didn't shout,paste posters ,didn't display banners.; but the saved money was spent in TV channels and gave money to the individual voters .How can a poor good party competit with the rich bad party? Just an improvement not enough.Is it complete ?In my point of view it had blocked the way to the poor parties to propagate their views by wall writings ,banners etc that were already existing.So it has helped indirectly to rich and fraud parties

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    Election commission shows its power it is highly appreciatable. But the people was in full awareness with the party. Election commission not stricted any party while ruling and earning people's money. But when the party peoples are ready to issue those money again to the poor people election commission wake up and put a gate to it. I don't think so that people will vote for money. If election commission thinks like that only business man can contest and no body will contest from the party.People are very aware now a days and they will give the results. For eg. If a candidate spends more than the other candidate, then the candidate who is issuing the big money for the voters can only win and why he cannot get 100% of vote and leading with only a low margin.

    The rest of the work carried out by election commission is goog.

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