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    Sharing my experience with Chennai Cookscape


    This is a warning to all those who are planning to make modular kitchen for the dream houses. Like many others we too wanted our kitchen to be the best and poured in all our money into it.From the stories that we have heard we went to cookscape, they showed a warm welcome and we signed an order for 4 Lakhs.

    We paid 2 Lakhs initially, the delivery was supposed to happen in 6 weeks as per their receipt but it didnt happen. We too didnt question much as delays are bound to happen everywhere, then it became 2 1/2 months, then 3 months.

    When you call them up the owner of the branch has been so evasive and unprofessional, doesnt pick up the phone,if he does he says some stories. They dont even update on what is happening,you have to call up everytime only because you have given them the money.

    After they were delivered we paid the remaining 2 Lakhs, the installation takes 3-4 days time but they took a whole of 30 days to complete it. The workers dont turn up and the most surprising and funny part is when you ask why things are not working they give you the Vice President's (of Cooskcape)number.
    I am asking you all when you go to a restaurant and complain about the food do you talk to the Chef or the CEO of the restaurant?

    Delays do happen in every field but this has been beyond tolerable level. On top of that they have been inefficient, unprofessional and escaping from responsibility. Its very unfortunate to see this from educated people as well.

    Please avoid Cookscape for any kind of work be it kitchen/wardrobe is my advice to you all.
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    Hai RamolaB

    Thanks for sharing your experience. We should be aware regarding this type of happenings.


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    Ramola Madam the best way could have been to cancel the order stating the delay so as to make them take quick actions, atleast you could have had a good bargain!


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    hai Ramola,

    your sharing knowledge is really good. people must get aware and they should share some of the experience like you.


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    Hello friends,

    Carpenters came for installation,they completed with 3 of the cabinets pending to be replaced. And they are getting replaced for the past 1 1/2 months and still getting replaced....

    After installation we are supposed to pay the full money and now we have lost hope that those cabinets will ever be replaced.All other departments of our house have been completed so we moved in with our family.

    We have to live with those 3 broken cabinets or look at some carpenter offline,pay some money and get them fixed.

    As one of you said we couldnt cancel the order as #1: we paid 2 Lakhs money so they wont give back and #2:we didnt have time,patience and energy to look out for another kitchen dealer at that point of time.

    At last a 4 Lakh kitchen was heartlessly left incomplete even after taking 5 months time by the great COOKSCAPE!


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    Hello Friend,

    In this fast developing world there is no value for money, and there is no loyality to the commitments. I hope you are verymuch aware all, these Kitchen cabinets are made of MDF or HDF boards, which is Medium Density Fibre board. Wood is powdered and compressed with some chemical ingredients, the life of this products are unpredictable, were as the Investments are high and our emotional stress is also high. Its just a Small suggestion, 15 years back even if we want to make a writing table, we will call the carpenter and use a proper wood to complete the table. which can be used in longer run. Kindly find out good carpenters in future and complete your task.


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    Rightly said Pady.
    We should have got wood ourselves and given to our carpenters to make our kitchen. We went by the brand name of modular kitchen folks like Cookscape. Their quality sucks and their claimed professionalism is beyond tolerance. Our Bad Luck!

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    One Kitchen/Furniture store that we recommend highly is Kitchen Concepts. The owner, Mrs. Shekar is very sincere and extremely personable. They are excellent in following up and deliver on time. They have OMR and Mylapore locations:

    OMR location:

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    Nicely explained by you about chennai cookscape. Some of them are always irresponsible. One should ask to some experts before buying for big amount.

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