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    Easy way to learn Tamil

    This is for other language people settled in Tamilnadu for their Career purpose. Is there any easy way to learn Tamil? Please discuss about all the possible ways to learn and write Tamil language.
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    The language Tamil is the easiest language to learn, understand, write , read and speak because of its limited alphabets. Only 12 vowels and 18 consonants (Total 30) form the alphabets. The vowels have different simple script when combined with consonants. Therefore writing and reading will be an easy task and can be accomplished within a week time.

    The language is also very easy to communicate orally as it has no tongue twisting words like the Malayalam language.

    These days learning a language is very easy. Many publishers especially the Balaji Publications publishes its National Integration Language Series - Titled "Learn(language)in 30 days". So there should not be any problem for the Non-Tamil speakers. The initiative and interest to learn a language is a primary must to learn a language.

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    There are so many books avilable in the market for easy learning of any language you are interested to learn. First you need to take more interest in the language, if you want to improve the spoken language, you may have to listen the discussions, speeches and try to interact with people to improve the spoken languages. Reagrding reading or writing, know basic letters of the languages and try to read the news papers of the language and keep on doing so you can be master of any lanuages in India.


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    Hi friend,
    The easiest way to improve our communication skill usually needs 3 is our dedication towards the language.Here it is Tamil.second is that we have to put our utmost effort on it.
    Third thing is that we should be under the guidance of people with more stuff on that language.

    Most effective way to learn the language is Speech therapy.This sounds odd but it is the very useful way.

    with regards,

    how to improve communication skill

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    The best way to learning Tamil is, listening, the listening is best way for learning the Tamil with in year. I am studying engineering college, mostly other state peoples are studying in colleges, they are listening what we are speaking, then now can speak very much in Tamil. So Tamil is not difficult language. so compare to English, Tamil is very easy than English.

    I hope you can understand


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    Friends, if you can give some more advise to learning tamil.


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    This is really an informative discussion. There are several ways to learn Tamil. The first basic thing needed to learn Tamil is love of the Language and interest. If you are having this things it is easy to learn Tamil, not only Tamil, any language.

    In first step get one book - learn Tamil through English ( or from you mother tongue) Learn the basic words from that.
    Then start to communicate to your Tamil friend or neighbor by using simple Tamil words. if you have any doubts ask them openly.

    The try to make sentences, if there mistakes don't worry, rectify the mistakes by asking the pronunciation and meaning.
    Practice this for about 6 months. definitely you can speak Tamil fluently.

    All the Best
    Be Happy!

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    The easiest, effective and best way to learn to speak Tamil is to first learn the script and the grammar. Learning to speak without knowing the script and grammar may be less time consuming but you wont be able to build your own sentences and your knowledge of Tamil language would be limited.

    Please do the following to learn Tamil:
    1. Get yourselves a very basic English-Tamil learner's book.
    2. If you have any friends in India/ friends who travel to India get the textbooks of primary school students. This will help you in building your vocabulary.
    3. There are many online courses for learning Tamil. But these would be useful only when you know the basics of Tamil grammar.
    4. The best thing would be to have someone who knows Tamil , assist you as and when you learn.

    Learning Tamil by frequently talking to someone who knows Tamil may be less time consuming, but you will get to know only the common words and phrases without actually knowing the underlying grammar.
    All the best.


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    You can learn Tamil easily. Just go to shop by learning some words in Tamil. They may help you. Some of the commonly used Tamil words are

    Anna - For elder brother (call the shopkeeper by using this word if he is elder to you)
    Thambi - For younger brother (call the shopkeeper by using this word if he is younger to you)
    Thatha - Old men
    Akka - elder sister
    Thangachi - Younger sister.

    Every time you go to shop try to call using this word.

    Bargaining in Tamil

    How much cost - Yevolovu Ruba
    Cost is too high - vilai romba jasthi
    reduce the cost - Konjam kammi pannunga

    Try to use this word. You can learn many words.

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