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    Big temple

    We strive to have a site which will be the complete focus point on all the aspects about the temple including its planning, execution, administration, architecture, sculptures and paintings. We also would elaborate on how the temples were not only religious sites but also a haven for archaeologists which was builded by rajaraja solan
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    Hai Rama

    You are correct, temples are not only the place for religious worship but also the mirror to express the architectural skill of ancients Tamili people.


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    Hai kavitha,

    Thanjavur Big Temple is very nice and good place to see. Its an International tourist place. proud to be an thanjavur citizen.

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    Dear friends,

    The Big Temple of Tamil nadu is Thanjavur big temple which was built by the Chola king RajaRaja Cholan. It was built 1000 years ago. The beauty of this temple is that it was built by using only stones of rock. The temple is looking very smart and never get damaged during any attacks of nature.

    The big stones with tons and tons of KG were used in to build this temple. All the big stones were brought by using the elephants. Because, there were no transport and lift facility on those days like today.

    one more famous in the temple is the big NANDHI. The Nandhi was built by using single stone which is quite beauty to see and looking smart. The famous SIVA temple with LINGAM is also available inside the BIG TEMPLE of Thanjavur. So, Every body in Tamil nadu must visit to this temple at least once in their life.

    The another beauty of this temple is its design and architecture. The Big Kopuram of this temple was built without making its shadow in the earth. This is a great beauty of this temple. The temple is also maintained properly and government of Tamil nadu gives full support to maintain this temple.

    With regards,

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    The Big Temple otherwise called the Brihadeshwarar temple is a wonderful example of the architectural skill of the Cholas. This temple is 1000 years old temple and UNESCO has marked as the World Heritage Site.

    The Thanjavur Big Temple was built by Rajaraja Chola I. This is the temple for Lord Shiva. The Lord is present in the form of Lingam. There are also 250 small lingams in the temple.

    The other remarkable feature of the temple is the big nandi which weighs 25 tons.

    This temple must be visited by everyone. It stands as a memory of the king Rajaraja Chola.


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    Hi friends,
    Thanjavur Big temple is made of a rock and is rocking always.Its architectural beauty is a mind-blowing one.The Kalasa(the topmost part of the temple) is made up of a single stone and it has a weight of about some Tons.In those years there is no cranes or any other facilities but somehow it is arranged.I am very much surprised after knowing this fact.In addition this temple shreds no shadow of its tower anywhere on the ground even due to Sun's exposure everywhere around it.This is really a great piece of art adding credits to Tamil Nadu and Thanjavur.

    with regards,

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